20 ways in which your life changes when your best friend lives far away


It has always been by your side in the good and especially in bad situations, is the family that is by your side by choice and if that was not enough, is also your accomplice, but suddenly fate is determined to separate them in a way brutal, because your best friend has to go live outside the country.

Obviously you're not going to replace it, that would never be possible! However, you have an ace up your sleeve and are willing to change your way of life drastically in order to maintain that friendship that you love so much. These are some of the things that change when your best friend lives far away.

1. Destiny plays dirty

And suddenly they are living as far as they never imagined.

2. Create a language

Because even nine thousand kilometers away they know how to understand each other.

3. Are shareholders of Skype

Actually you only told him the beginning of the story.

4. Drinking is not the same

Now you find it strange, since you do it in front of the computer and you know that deep down, really, you are alone.

5. You become his follower # 1

Every time your best friend makes a publication in any social network you are the first to give like.

6. Your maternal instinct appears

And you start to say the typical phrases: Are you eating well? Do you look thinner, dress well, and so on?

7. You are now an agent of the INC

Investigate by all means who are your new friends and that boy who has just published a photo, just to corroborate that they are good people.

8. Jealousy arises

It bothers you that your friends by geographical selection become jealous every time you talk about your best friend.

9. Your time zone changes

Your watches and even your mobile are programmed according to the time zone where your friend lives.

10. You always have food left over

You were used to cooking for two.

11. You make great efforts

Especially when having fun with other people.

12. You avoid falling in love

You can not even flirt with someone because you're not used to making loving decisions without your friend's help.

13. You wear your clothes

Yes, the one you left forgotten in your home, and now you use it blatantly.

14. You start saving

To be able to visit it as soon as possible.

15. You stay informed

Especially to see if the place where your friend is in the news comes out, it does not matter if the information is irrelevant.

16. You miss your birthday

And her yours.

18. You laugh alone

You often remember those funny moments that happened together and you start to laugh, but immediately you fall into a deep sadness.

18. You create a collection of calendars

Marks in each one the countdown for the arrival of your friend.

19. The day arrives

You know it was worth it when they see each other and it's as if only one day had passed.

20. You know the true friendship

Because you have discovered that neither distance nor time can separate them.

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