20 Unusual pictures of the Sex Symbol Marilyn Monroe. You never imagined seeing her like this!


Marilyn Monroe was one of the most sensual women and a great erotic myth of the fifties. Unfortunately, the difficulties in her professional life and her unrestrained sentimental life led to her death on August 5, 1962, at the age of 36. She was found in her house intoxicated with sleeping pills, but her death still seems quite confusing.

Many directors and photographers tried to immortalize their dazzling beauty and radiant sensuality, so most of the photographs show that image of Marilyn regardless of their different poses. The only person who managed to capture its essence was a photographer named Eve Arnold, who worked 10 years with the iconic diva. His photos show a Marilyn who does not seem to be a sexual symbol, but a sensitive and carefree person.

1. Marilyn reading Ulises, by James Joyce

2. Lying down eating grapes

7. Monroe on the way to Bement

3. Marilyn with her hairdresser on the plane

4. Monroe meeting with the residents of the Bement

5. Marilyn talking with two policemen

6. Make up on the plane heading to Chicago

7. Marilyn on the set of The Misfits (Rebel lives) In 1960

9. Monroe in the Nevada desert filming a difficult scene (1960)

10. Resting between scenes

11. Marilyn fixing her hair in a bathroom at the Chicago airport

12. Talking with a girl on a break from filming

13. The actress reading the script during the filming of The Misfits (Rebel lives)

14. Marilyn playing pool

15. The excited diva to win in a casino

16. Monroe wearing plaid pants and a towel over his chest

17. The actress holding a dog

18. Marilyn with an admirer

19. Eating an apple in Long Island

20. With Eve Arnold during a photo shoot

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