20 Tricks to organize your beauty products They will change your life!


To keep your bathroom or toilet from looking messy and messy, take note of these 20 tips that will help you easily organize and find your beauty products using things you probably have at home.

1. Use a shelf of spices

2. Place your perfumes on a cake base

3. Save space and organize your beauty products on a rotating shelf

4. Save eyeliners, brushes or mascara in a box of pencils

5. To have your makeup brushes on hand, place them in a vase with coffee beans

6. Separate your products by category in a flatware tray

7. Decorate a magazine rack and store your pliers and irons

8. Or hang them on hooks inside the door of your closet

9. You can store your hair accessories in a shoe organizer

10. A wine rack is another alternative

11. In a desktop file organizer, place your makeup palettes

12. Order your eye shadows on an ice tray

13. Store your makeup products in a jewelry organizer

14. Stick magnets behind your makeup products and place them on a metal board (in addition to saving space decorate your walls).

15. Store your makeup in a container with transparent organizers so you can see everything inside

16. Place containers inside your drawers as divisions to organize your accessories

17. Recycle the glasses of candles to store your brushes or eyeliners

18. Store your enamels inside a jar

19. If you like to travel with different shades of lipstick, remove part of the bars and store them in a pillbox

20. Stack your pencils and lipsticks in a pastry base

Source: Cosmopolitan