20 Tips for your clothes that will save your life


Has it ever happened that an accident always happens to your favorite clothes? Now you can repair it with these amazing tips. You will be surprised how simple they are.

1. You spilled red wine on your blouse. And what are you doing now?

Do not worry, at least red wine will no longer be the reason why you lose your favorite blouse. The only thing you should do is place it in a plastic bag inside the refrigerator. One night will be enough for the washing machine to do the rest. (If your garment is wool, avoid this advice: moisture will damage it).

2. No more jeans smelly

Sometimes jeans (or any other piece of clothing, especially if you kept it dry before it was completely dry) tend to smell funny. If you do not like the smell, just repeat the trick of placing them in a bag in the freezer at night and they will be ready to use.

Low temperatures help eliminate bacteria, so the refrigerator will be your best ally.

3. Stained armpits?

There are perfumes that usually mark your clothes in the underarm area and there is no detergent to eliminate this completely. The solution is simple, pour into a bowl a small amount of baking soda and lemon juice to form a paste. Rub the mixture over the area, wait a few minutes and wash it as usual. That annoying stain will disappear.

4. Remove deodorant stains with the fomi from the dry cleaning hook

Simple, just remove the strip of foam rubber from the hook that is delivered to you in the dry cleaner and rub it on the stain until it disappears. Any piece of foam rubber will work (like the one that comes in the cans of some medicines), but if you do not have it at hand, a piece of denim will work (be careful with denim, it can stain your clothes).

5. Eliminate strong odors with vodka

Vodka is characterized by being one of the drinks with the highest alcohol content, in turn, alcohol works like matabacteria. This distillate and a spray will be enough to eliminate even the strongest odor. Spill it over the garment, let it dry and the pestilence will disappear.

6. The foundation disappears with a little foam to shave

Apply a little foam on the stain, make sure it is well impregnated and wash it as usual

7. Remove stains from lipstick with hair spray

Before sending your clothes to a washing machine, sprinkle some hair spray on your fingers and rub on the stain.

(This does not work with the clothes that are sent to the dry cleaner).

8. Squeeze your lenses with some transparent nail polish

Are your lenses a little loose and you do not have a small screwdriver? Put a light drop of your transparent enamel on the pin and your glasses will look like new.

9. No more lost buttons

A little transparent nail paint will be the solution. Pass the enamel brush over the thread and this will make the buttons on your garment last longer.

10. Clean the suede of your shoe with a nail file

Just make a little friction on the stain so that it disappears from your shoes.

11. Speckled leather boots

Vinegar is quintessentially a restorer of leather footwear. Stains caused by water, salt, snow and even mud are his specialty. With a toothbrush, carve gently on the stain and it will disappear.

12. Leather shoes without heels

Your shoes have been carved? Impregnates an ear cleaner with Vaseline and pass it over the stain.

13. Soften your shoes

Sometimes your leather shoes get hardened by the little use. The moisturizer for the face helps soften it and eliminates scratches. Rub with a rag and go.

14. Eliminate smells of your tennis

Put baking soda in your sneakers to avoid the bad smell produced by extreme sweating.

15. Patent leather shoes

With a little glass cleaner and a flannel, rub to highlight again the shine of your patent leather shoes.

16. The annoying rods of the brassier

It is enough with adhesive tape for healing with a strong glue. Set the rod in place, then stick the tape.

17. Eliminate the red wine stain with white wine

Pour a small amount on the splash of the red, let stand a few minutes and wash the area by hand gently.

18. Liquid dish soap and delicate clothes

If your delicate clothes are stained with grease or oil, put some soap for the dishes and dissolve it.

19. Do not run your pantyhose

We all hate having our pantyhose run through a minimum hole. The best thing in these cases is to put on it a drop of transparent nail polish.

20. Deactivate your closure

An ear cleaner and Vaseline will suffice. Apply a little on the closure and it will slide without struggle.