20 times where your favorite celebrities dominated the high chongo style


There are times when we do not have time to comb our hair, it's hot and wearing hair down can become a problem. The solution to the hairstyle dilemma is summarized several quick options. The first are the braids, they require a bit of patience, practice and there are those who do not give one at the time of tying hair.

Another is to make some horse ponytail and the third option, which is being a trend among celebrities, is simply to pick up our hair in a bun: from disheveled knots to neat and elegant collections. Let's see below a gallery to inspire us to comb our hair quickly, easily and brilliantly.

1. Copy Zendaya a bulky and well-groomed bun

2. On the other hand, a tousled one like Sophie Turner looks great

3. For an elegant event, one like Amy Adams

4. Pick up only the top, like Dascha Polanco

5. Make a mess of it, like Byce Dallas Howard

6. A braid bow looks beautiful, like that of Gigi Hadid

7. Janelle Monae gave her the special touch with those golden ribbons

8. The rebellious style of January Jones is perfect for the school

9. A couple of wicks in the style of Ciara

10. Put on a shiny accessory and you'll look just as stylish as Saoirse Ronan

11. The fringe gives a sexy touch to Kendall Jenner

12. For those days of extreme laziness, imitate Jessica Hart

13. If you are good at braiding, then one style Millie Bobby Brown

14. Margot Robbie made it special with a velvet bow

15. It does not matter if you have a short mane, look at Rooney Mara

16. Despéinalo a bit like Rihanna

17. Half braided pigtail and bun, at the end like Hailey Baldwin

18. Lily Aldridge opted for a low bow

19. For bold girls, a Kelly Osbourne style

20. Rosie Huginton Whitely opted for a basic ballerina bow

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