20 Times in which the fashion of the 90 went beyond the line


The fashion trend of the 90s was based on geometric figures and many, many colors. Different types of fabrics were mixed in one garment: jeans They were wide, with high waist and there were some with pirate style, and the blouses, the wider, the better. The looks They preferred the hair with a lot of volume and remarkable makeup.

With the passage of time, the designers opted for a minimalist style, leaving aside the crazy eighties and their exaggerated production. Fashion was about wearing clothes that made you feel comfortable and, above all, not paying attention to the opinion of others. Almost 30 years later, here we leave you some models that make us appreciate that the time has passed.

1. What's up with the windbreaks?

Yes, they all had at least one set of windbreaker that they used anywhere and for any event.

2. Killer platforms

They were tall and uncomfortable, but for some reason they all wanted to have some.

3. The famous baggy pants

The most funny were the superlative patterns.

4. There was no coordination

It was as if you could mix any garment you found in your wardrobe, without thinking about the sight of others.

5. The tennis went with everything

Skirt, jeans, shorts, EVERYTHING dress was left with those horrific sports shoes.

6. Megagiant denim jackets

If they wanted to hide the figure and go unnoticed, they had to buy one of those jackets that included at least two people.

7. Yes, also this dress

This type of garments made women's backs look wider.

8. Fluorescent color socks

These sets were made especially to draw the attention of those who were on the way.

9. Everything had jewels

Crystals here, crystals over there, everything had huge colored stones.

10. How about wearing stockings with heels?

Of course, the important thing was that they were the same color as the dress or the shoes.

11. Colorful ultracococo prints

The prints were based on tribal designs, but with bright colors that could blind anyone.

12. The peak shoulder pads

What was the need to wear shoulder pads?

13. The pants inside of the shoes

Yes, even if you do not believe it, that's how the pants were used for a while.

14. Gloves for everything

As you may have noticed, the gloves went with any outfit.

15. Marinated skirts with mayons

And, to top it off, the mayons were full leg and reached to the feet.

16. Metallized fabric

From skirts to pantsEverything shone with the sun.

17. Like when you had to dress like in the print

No, it's not a clone, is the poncho print, because that's how they looked cool.

18. There was no color theory

They used all the colors of the chromatic circle.

19. Many accessories

It was as if they hung everything they found in their jewelry box.

20. And this

Why not? All the rainbow in a single set that, again, made women look very wide of the upper body.

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