20 Times in which Pinterest lied to you Expectation VS Reality


Has it ever happened to you that you suddenly find on the internet a clothing design that looks amazing, a dish that seems to be delicious, or some detail to decorate your room, and you think: I want to do it? But then, no matter how simple it seems or how hard you try, the result is simply disastrous?

Here we show you 20 examples of attempts that did not work.

1. That's why it's better to go with a professional

2. Is it supposed to be a angry bird?

3. You almost have the same

4. I'm sure Justin Bieber would love it

5. We all have a makeup artist inside

except her.

6. The important thing is to celebrate the date, right?

7. It looks equally delicious

8. All that was missing was to smile a little

9. What happened here?

10. Elmo abstract version

11. Star change

12. The crayons were at fault

13. Why hire a photographer?

14. I think the result was not as expected

15. This one either

16. Will you remember your first cake?

17. The fault was the lights

18. The internet vs. version my version

19. When you only wanted inspiration

20. Another unsuccessful nail attempt

10 Times People Failed Hilariously At DIY Pinterest Projects (January 2021)