20 Things you will always miss about your best friends at the University


The university is one of the most significant times for anyone. You find people who share many of your tastes and who over time become endearing friendships.

If you add to this the possibility of living full time sharing an apartment, you have plenty of guaranteed fun ahead. When the time passes and you remember those days, these are some of the many things that you will surely miss.

1. Have someone always available to give you their opinion about your outfit

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2. Wake up with a hangover on a Sunday morning and recount the previous night

How did you give your number to the taxi driver !?

3. Having someone to go to brunch to counter the hangover

Something with alcohol for everyone, please.

4. Not having to eat alone

Or someone to help you cook.

5. Have someone to cuddle with when you want

6. To have with whom to analyze the messages that the boy that you like sends you and to advise you how to answer

7. Share clothes

His, of course.

8. Have someone to help you spy on your crush on social networks

11. The shots of the weekend

12. Have someone to talk to literally all the time

When you eat, when you bathe, before eating.

13. Spend Saturday night watching movies

Or a whole season of game of Thrones.

14. That someone forces you to exercise from time to time

15. Or have someone drag you out when you do not feel encouraged

16. Someone to share with when you have a long night of work

17. Have someone take your cell phone before you start sending messages to your ex

Throw it, burn it, throw it into the bathroom! I'm not interested!

18. Travel backpacking and have someone to return home with

19. Arrive home with your best friend after a terrible day

20. Simply, you will miss them very much!

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