20 Things you should know BEFORE dating a girl who is LOVING for dogs

People often say that: The dog is man's best friend, but the truth is that gender does not exist for a pet, so, the dog is also women's best friend, and it's likely that you girl is sleeping with her best friend.

The best thing about being an animal lover is that as long as he lives, you will always have a partner who will love you unconditionally regardless of why. So if you go out with a woman who loves dogs, you should know some things:

1. In your armchair there will always be a blanket

And not precisely because she is cold: she is just trying to protect her chair from the dirty legs of her pet.

2. Can deal with disgusting things

This does not mean that she is totally immune to disgusting things, or that you can release your bad smells out of the bathroom, but she has collected enough poop to think that something quite unpleasant is completely normal.

3. You will spend more time at home than she in yours

Your dog can not go for a walk and feed himself, right? And even if it was, she would never leave him alone.

4. There will always be three in the bed: You, her and her dog

And definitely, this is not sexy at all. If your furry friend wants to sleep in your midst, chances are you can not do anything about it, or you'll end up sleeping in the living room.

5. She will spend money on him

Between walks, visits to a veterinarian, food, toys and accessories, she will invest a large amount of her salary in her dog, but she does not care, so do not judge her.

6. You will meet the other dogs in the neighborhood

Surely your girl's dog has a lot of canine friends that she visits often. She will tell you the stories about each and every one, so pay attention if you want me to continue loving you.

7. Sometimes, she will use a little childish language

Even if she says that it is completely ridiculous for an adult to speak as a child, the truth is that every time she sees her friend, she can not avoid making that high-pitched, childish voice that asks: What is the beautiful mash baby, huh?

8. She will bring traces of her dog to wherever she goes

From a plastic bag for canine waste or a layer of hairs in his black jacket to a slime on his pants (the possibilities are multiple).

9. There will always be someone watching you while you eat

Eat on the couch in front of the television? Impossible. Also, if you want to be a little gentlemanly and get a drink for your girl, rest assured that if you leave your plate of Chinese food on the coffee table, when you come back: Magic! He will have disappeared.

10. You will receive more pictures of your pet than of her

It does not matter if you just went, you can not miss how wonderful it looks firulais asleep.

11. Never, NEVER tell him he is just an animal.

Do you intend to have the worst fight of your life? So, come on, do it.

12. She really misses her dog when she gets separated from him

Separation anxiety is real. And when she is with him again, it's a great love party.

13. Your dog will determine if you are the ideal one for her

You will realize that not only is it enough to impress your parents, you also have to please your dog if you want to be with her.

14. You will learn not to worry about details

Dogs, especially when they are puppies, usually chew on objects that they should not. So do not worry, anyway that sock that was eaten was already broken.

15. You know that in your photos there will always be three

A romantic picture of her and you? Do not think about it: either the three or none.

16. When she says Hey, baby you do not know if she talks to you or your dog

17. Your dog is your family

For her there is not much difference between a member of her family and her hairy one.

18. He will kiss his dog more than he kisses you

You will not understand how he can kiss his dog if he licks his parts, eats herbs, eats everything in front of him, but you know something? That's something she does not care about at all. Kissing your dog is a trait of complicity that you can not understand.

19. She is loyal and responsible

Dogs are known to be the most faithful companions, and this same characteristic can be shared by their owners. When she decided to have a dog, she chose to have a responsibility to give love and care beyond what a fish or a hamster requires.

20. She hopes you love her dog as well as love her

If you're dating a girl who loves her dog you have to be able to love her dog in the same way you love her. Remember that he was before you, and now you will be part of his pack.

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