20 Things you need to LET GO to be happy


We all have something in common: we seek to be happy. However, sometimes our personality makes a bad move and we end up limiting our dreams day by day, whether intentionally or unconsciously.

Remember that your life can be as you decide; It may be something you will always regret or it may be your chance to do what you want. Stop doing everything that does not cause happiness or satisfaction and dedicate time. Make happiness a habit.

Put aside situations like these and start being a happy person:

1. Do not seek the approval of others

Who cares what they think of you? Yes you are happy with the things you do and the decisions you make is more than enough. The first thing you should stop doing is put the opinion of third parties: as long as you are happy with your life, others have no authority over you.

2. Leave anger and resentment

These feelings can control and destabilize your inner peace. Try to find a way to learn to forgive without forgetting what they have done to you. If you do not do it, over time you will be the only one harmed. Always bear in mind that it is you who controls anger.

3. Ignore negative criticism about your body

There should only be one person who should care about your body: you. If you are happy with your physique, then it is the only thing that matters. Do not let others tell you that you are not as beautiful as others.

4. Abandon the idea of ​​the perfect man

If you have a list of what your ideal partner will be like, throw it out the window! Those kinds of thoughts are those that do not let you find who really loves you; The perfect image of your partner will eliminate anyone looking to have a relationship with you. Find a person for you, one who can love you with all your heart, with whom you share interests and feel comfortable.

5. and a perfect life

Just as there is no perfect match, with life the same thing happens. In general, you have to work hard to achieve a good and happy life. Many decisions you make will directly affect your way of life, so try to end the misery and drama, and enjoy what you have trying to do what you like.

6. That money is not your engine

Many people think that they will start living when they become millionaires. We must think realistically: to become millionaires requires a great effort, to work with enough dedication and even a stroke of luck. That money is not your engine: be the reason. Find a profession or a job that you're passionate about and immerse yourself completely in what that experience will mean to you.

7. Believe that good luck is going to knock on your door

You need to go out into the world to get it. You can not sit in front of the door and see what comes to you. Love life, appreciate everything it has for you and be grateful for what you have. Values ​​every minute of the day, do not live of tomorrow I do it, leave aside the conformism and fight for what you want.

8. Eliminate the excuses

Do you want to have a great body but do not have time? Get up earlier and exercise. Excuses are just thoughts that will make you feel better for not having done something you needed or wanted to do. Do you want results? Start working on it.

9. No more thoughts about your ex

That's why your ex-partner is. If you spend it thinking about what would have happened to you at your side, you will be denying yourself the opportunity to be happy with another person. The only positive thing that the ex leave you, is a lesson about who you will have to choose next time not to make the same mistakes.

10. Do not be stubborn

I know, it is very difficult to admit that sometimes we are wrong. You are not always right or the right answer. Leave space for others and open your world to your personal growth. Learning new things is not bad. Think of all that you have lost by not listening to the opinions of others.

11. Eliminate laziness

Remember: not everything you can leave for tomorrow. Live the present, organize your time, make your skills a benefit and complete each of the tasks that you have proposed as soon as possible. This will make you feel free of worries and will take away stress to be able to perform other activities that you had planned.

12. Get rid of loads

We have all suffered sometime for someone we love, but carrying the negative feelings of relationships is always disastrous. We should not think of two people at the same time. If you have a partner, never compare it to your ex, they will never be the same. When you start a relationship, do it from scratch.

13. No more negativity

Stop thinking that the whole world is against you. Get that thought out immediately. You have much to be thankful for; love yourself Everything is possible in a positive mind.

14. Stop judging others

You have no idea about other people's lives and you do not have to dig into it.Stop wasting time observing and judging others and dedicate yourself to yours.

15. Eliminate your jealousy

Happiness does not lie in having everything you want, but in appreciating what you have. Leave the envy, every life is unique. You know perfectly what your capabilities are to obtain what you want and what you do not. When we feel jealousy, negativity takes over our lives.

16. Release your insecurities

Happy people tend to enjoy high levels of self-esteem. They accept themselves as they are and strive. They radiate security, they leave aside the boasting and you can feel their positive vibes. There is no reason to be insecure. Only you have the ability to create a better version of yourself.

17. Your happiness does not depend on others

At the end of the day, the only person you can count on one hundred percent is you. Do not make the mistake of putting your happiness in the hands of others. No relationship will work if you are not able to make yourself happy. You need to be happy before you can share with someone else. Being the owner of your happiness will help you to be self-sufficient.

18. Do not live from the past

Stop living in the past! There is nothing for you there, except some lesson to avoid the mistakes made. Keep going. You can not have a better future if you spend it looking back.

19. Do not always look for control

It is not always possible. You need to let things happen, that's life. Spending your life stressed by things that are not in your hands, is not healthy. Try to relax and let things happen at your pace.

20. Have clear expectations

Directing your expectations is the key to happiness. If they are clear and realistic, you will never be disappointed. Some of us tend to believe that the way others set their goals will work with us, but this is not possible. We must seek our own method and find our own way.

Open your mind: it's the only way you can grow. That will make you feel satisfied and it will lead you to happiness.

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