20 things you MUST do at 30 and that will make your life better at 50


Someone asked a group of people over 50 about the things they regretted doing when they were younger. His answers were surprisingly simple and accurate.

If you are about to turn 30 or have already passed them, take note of what you should do if you do not want to regret when you are older. Here is your homework

1. No smoking. If you already do it, stop doing it!

It is expensive, it smells bad and it is 100% guaranteed that it is a cause of many health problems. Do you want to be cancer free at 50? Stop smoking!

2. Stop eating junk food

You can look to make a lot of money when you are 20, 30 or 40 years old, to buy everything you want when you reach 50, but something you can never buy for more money you have is your health. Give up fast food now that you're still on time.

3. Maintain or fix relationships with your parents and siblings

You have probably had misunderstandings with some people because your ideas and your way of being are not well seen by them. But you have your family, which is your point of reference on your way of relating to people who do not agree with you on many issues. With your parents and your brothers you may not always agree, but they tolerate and love each other because families do that.

4. Use sunscreen

Do you want to have wrinkles and damaged skin because of the sun's rays? Or skin peeling and hurting every time they touch you? Then enjoy sunbathing without sunscreen. Maybe now it does not seem very important, but when you are 50 years old it will be.

5. Exercise regularly

Build an active lifestyle and when you are 50 years old your body will thank you. Do not gain weight and that it is adequate; Exercise, is good for your body.

6. Start saving money, it does not matter if it's little

Save money. Although this sounds like a boring and trite cliché, the truth is that creating this habit will serve you well in the future.

At 30, an average person has income that can be used to save and use later.

7. Learn to be happy with what you have

Happiness is the most important thing in life, even more than worldly success. If you are happy with what you have, it is unlikely that you end up being a millionaire, but you will be a full and productive person.

8. Do not leave for after the search for your goals in life

Do you want to buy a house? Have children? Write a book? Get a second degree or a more advanced degree? Change carrer? Learning to play a musical instrument or to cook? Do some extreme sport? To start a business? Then start today.

It is easy to propose things, the difficult thing is to do them. The truth is that time seems to advance faster when you reach 30, so take advantage of your dreams now.

9. Sleep more

Create the habit of sleeping well. A dark room, blocking any light input when sleeping, not watching TV before going to bed, going to sleep and getting up at the same time, are small actions that will ultimately give you great benefits.

10. Take care of your teeth

Go to the dentist now. Dental problems will only get worse with the passage of time, and crowns, implants and extractions are uncomfortable, costly, and a long process. If you now have a way to pay it, future accounts will not hurt so much.

11. Accumulate memories and not things

You are the sum of your experiences. It would be sad to wake up at 50 and realize that you lost your life gathering material things. Memories do not lose their value: it's something you'll have forever.

12. Give without expecting anything in return

Give to others so that you feel the satisfaction of doing something for a human being. However, you must find your heart, your soul and expect nothing in return.

13. Be curious and overcome your fears every day

Get out of the house and have an adventure whenever you can. Take a lot of pictures. Take risks If possible, do it with someone close to you, this will leave you great experiences.

It has to be more than just jumping out of an airplane, and not because it is not good but because the adventure must be lived every day and not just once. You can laugh at everything you did when you grow up.

14. Read at least 10 books a year

The brain never stops growing, so feed it and exercise it. You will learn more about life and the world through books than just watching television and videos.

15. Travel. As much as possible and whenever you can.

The trips will change you. It is about experiencing certain risks and that is part of living without fear for the rest of your life.

16. Learning to meditate

The list of benefits is endless. Also, it only costs a small amount of your time per day. The change in your life and with the people around you will be amazing.

17. Be you

The day your body begins to show signs of physical wear and tear, it will no longer be fun to go to parties or try to impress the people around you. Start on the path of self-discovery now, that will help you be stronger when you reach 50.

18. Write a diary

Unfortunately, you will forget more of your treasured memories of what you will remember. If you register them in writing, they will be invaluable to you in the future. You can do it on a computer, this will make things easier for you. You can even paste photos in each file. Your children will love you for that.

19. Become a homeowner

Buy a house now: you will almost end up paying it when you have 50.

20. Choose your friends well

Choose people who make you feel good, who accept you as you are, who challenge you with their example and whose company you really enjoy. Grow as a person with them, laugh, enjoy. Take some time each week to stay in touch.

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