20 Things you have to do to not regret when you're old


Youth divine treasure, you're leaving now to not return! When I want to cry, I do not cry and sometimes I cry without meaning to say the verses of the poet Rubén Darío.

Do not waste the opportunities you now have and do something worth remembering:

1. Travel

With your friends, with your family or alone, but do it! Go out to know different places.

2. Learn a different language

Learning another language will open many doors in life, and also, it will serve you if you travel.

3. Do not worry too much

Neither do you have to be irresponsible, but if you worried a lot about things that you did not have to solve, one day you will wish you had not done it.

4. Go to your favorite shows

Now that you have plenty of energy and can sit anywhere; that you can have a great time no matter the price of the ticket you bought or the time of the show.

5. Work on what you like most

Do not kill yourself in a job you do not like, you will not be happy with yourself and you will not do your job well.

6. Listen to your parents

Parents are always right, at least about what they already experienced. What they tell you is for your own good: at least think about it.

7. Defend and defend what you believe in

Do not let other people humiliate you. Always defend your ideals.

8. Finish what you start

So you start something you do not plan to finish? Do not leave unfinished things in your life, they make you feel incomplete.

9. Spend quality time with your family

The family is the group of people closest to you. Try to share your time with them.

10. Make love with your partner

Make sure it is a beautiful and rewarding experience.

11. Enjoy the little details

Stop to observe what life gives you. Value what others give you.

12. Do not keep resentments

Learn to overcome problems and forgive. Remembering the bad times leaves nothing good.

13. Take care of your body

If you take care of your body, you are taking care of your mind. Your health must be a priority throughout your life.

14. Do not be afraid to show your feelings

There is nothing wrong in showing your feelings towards the people you love, not just your partner or the guy you like. You will receive more than you lose.

15. Party Salt

There is no youth without parties (Everything with measure).

16. Learn to cook

Now is a good time. You can do it with your friends and have fun together.

17. Overcome your fears

Retarting yourself and feeling the adrenaline is exciting. Try to overcome your personal fears too.

18. Fight for your dreams

Always seek to obtain what you propose. Do not let it be only in a dream.

19. Exercise

It is the complement of being healthy, and a good habit for life.

20. Save money

The best adventure comes from knowing the cost of things: if you save now, you can do a lot of what you want.

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