20 Things that will make your relationship succeed

Despite what we believe, relationships are not easy. With regard to marriage, this is a challenge that not everyone can face and overcome. That vow of health and disease, wealth and poverty will easily forget and develop a good sense of humor.

Both will be necessary, like these tips:

1. Have projects together

Wedding couple during "The Color Run" an athletic race full of color

Sharing activities and fulfilling dreams is not a script to follow; It is a plan of life together.

2. Forgive

Jesus spoke of forgiving seventy times seven, but perhaps we need much more than those 490. A relationship that lasts is based on forgiveness and understanding. Not to take things personally and learn to put yourself in the place of the other.

3. Forget

Do they really forgive those who forgive but do not forget? There are people who claim to have forgiven but still use all available opportunities to touch the subject. Forgive without forgetting, at least if we talk about the relationship, is not worth it.

4. Form a team

When the time comes to face the difficulties of life, one of the good things about a relationship is that we have someone else who travels in the same boat as us. That will help us row when needed. At least that's the idea.

5. Grow

If after a while we still have the same desires, opinions and beliefs. It is our decision; but when we commit ourselves to a relationship it is natural to change: we can not be the same person we were before. We must mature in the course of the relationship.

6. Adapt

Your partner will change as time passes in the relationship. Do not fight against it; Accept it, learn it, thank it, because that is also the way of life.

7. Travel together

Traveling together forces us to depend on one another in unpredictable ways. They will also broaden our vision of the world and lead us to value our relationship.

8. Do not keep the account

We already talked about the value of forgetting. Now do not make a list of the faults but of the successes. Taking note of what disappoints us is exhausting and childish.

9. Admit your mistakes

This is both the easiest and most difficult thing to do, a simple gesture that will help you grow as a person and strengthen the relationship. Nothing is gained by blaming the other.

10. Celebrate your achievements

Whether it is something related to work or a personal achievement, each one will have to find the opportunity to provide for their good fortunes.

11. Encourage yourself

We all have insecurities. In a solid relationship we can feel completely free to reveal them, knowing that our partner will help us overcome them.

12. Do not idealize the past or future of the relationship

Do not reclaim or take away past events, but do not put things that have not happened before you.

13. A circle of friends in common

One of the great joys of life is to meet people who become our friends. When they are both, there will be many more opportunities to enjoy activities together as a couple. In general, good friends will make us appreciate our partner more.

14. Invite your partner to family reunions

At least once. Maybe, this may be all you need. Feel that it is already part of your life.

15. Respect your times

According to Dr. Phil, we have not evolved as a species or yet we have not seen enough to realize when our partner does not want to answer the question How was your day? at the moment when he or she enters the door.

16. Form a wide circle of friends

One of the greatest joys of life is meeting new people. And many of the people you are likely to meet will make you appreciate your partner even more.

17. Practice self-awareness

Look in the mirror and reflect on what you are and the contributions you are making to your relationship. Are you being critical, unfair or defensive?

18. Avoid hints

This is a cowardly way to communicate, if you have something to say to your partner, tell them.

19. Offer solutions, not just criticism

Anyone can criticize, but a good partner will give you an exit or solution to your problem.

20. Have good manners

The deal must be based on respect, not shouting; open the door, etc.

Source: Thoughtcatalog

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