20 Things that only very indecisive girls live every day


Indecision is part of our lives, and although there are people who definitely do not know how to control it, some simply can not decide what to do on a normal day.

If you live like a confused soul that spends hours thinking about a certain topic before making any decision, you will surely feel identified with these struggles. No one will understand your dilemmas, but here are 20 things that happen that are too real for people who can never make a decision.

1. You can spend hours thinking patiently before making any decision

2. You even get to evaluate the pros and cons of a situation

3. You even write them down just to vote which is better

4. Definitely what torments you most is to ask you what if..?

5. Choosing what to eat or what to eat seems like a big task

6. If you are ever invited to leave two people on the same day, then the problems begin

7. You are the queen of laziness and everyone can attest to that

8. You think too much about who the people really are

9. When you go shopping you end up empty-handed

10. Sometimes you do two things at once because you do not decide which is better

11. You hate to dress because in the end it all comes down to What should I use?

12. And there does not stop, you have to think about shoes, accessories and more things

13. You always have a constant struggle between the rational and the irrational

14. You're never sure about following your instinct

15. You never have an answer when they tell you: you want to do?

16. Having a million options is torture for you

17. Once in a while you do not know what you're hesitant about

18. Sometimes the nights become eternal

You can try all night to decide something and the next morning you will end up thinking about a subject two months ago.

19. You feel the need to consult more people because you never get anywhere

20. Your paranoia increases when you have to make a decision from one moment to another

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