20 things that only people who love to SLEEP will understand


The concept of sleep and sleep is probably, for you, the only sign that God exists. There is nothing better or that gives you as much happiness as sleep. Your favorite time of day is when you can sleep. There is no better feeling than to close your eyes, relax and disconnect from the world for two or even ten hours!

Surely nobody understands how you like to sleep so much, or why you can do it for so long. The truth is that if you prefer to be in your bed than anywhere else, you will feel identified with these things that only people who love to sleep will understand:

1. When you are with your boyfriend, you prefer to invite him to sleep instead of going somewhere

2. Having a good night's sleep depends on how comfortable your pillow is

3. You have refused to go to a party or to an appointment because you prefer to stay at home and sleep

4. You just wait to get home to put on your pajamas. You love her!

5. The best option in your free time is to take a nap

6. It makes you sick not to sleep the hours that correspond to you

7. The best way to calm your problems or daily stress is: sleeping

8. You do not understand people who sleep little, and still they are happy

9. Nobody understands how you can sleep so long

10. Your bedroom is painted only with light colors

11. Yawn and you stretch constantly

12. You need a good cup of coffee to keep you awake during the day

13. You can fall asleep almost anywhere

14. Often, you fall asleep while talking on the phone

15. You are always sleepy

16. Your favorite pastime is: oh, yes, sleep!

17. You have a very heavy sleep, not even an earthquake could wake you up

18. Boring lectures in college were your worst nightmare

19. What most excites you about traveling is not knowing new places, it's sleeping in the hotel's ultra-comfortable beds

20. Alarms are like your kryptonite