20 things that only girls with feet have will understand, VERY big


Since you reached puberty, the story goes something like this: you get to any department store or shoe store, you choose the shoes you like, you ask them and they tell you that that model (and anyone, really) only goes up to one or two smaller numbers than yours

All this has meant that every time someone mentions the word shopping, you run away to hide, because it's like a nightmare and if you're accompanied it's even worse. Dear big standing woman, here we understand you and that is why we share some of your great battles.

1. When they offer to test you the sample pair

2. No one believes your shoe number

3. When someone else standing up complains about not finding shoes

4. Forget about borrowing something from your sister

5. You will never wear pointed shoes

6. And you thought long before using Converse

7. Your shoes take up a lot of space in the suitcase

8. Of the socks we do not even talk

9. When you cling to yourself even though you do not have

10. It is very fun to make jokes for others

11. The section of your size is always almost empty

12. Did you know that feet grow during pregnancy?

13. To extreme problems, extreme measures

14. With tight jeans is another battle

15. There are no sandals that contain your delicate foot

16. It comforts you to know that celebrities also get passed

17. It's the story of all your cloth shoes

18. Yes, this happened to you too

19. No one imagines what shoes you ordered online

20. That feeling when you ask for a pair at the bowling alley or the skating rink

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