20 Things that only girls who are lovers of reading will be able to understand


Girl lovers of books never leave home without our arsenal of literature, or at least a paperback.

That is why when we sit down -without company- in a cafe to read a book, we come to the conclusion that we really are not alone. So for this reason and 20 more we are willing to confess the things that only book lovers will understand.

1. A beautiful cover is also important

2. Suddenly you forget where you are if a book catches you

3. Lovers of books are also rebels

At least once you were punished in school for distracting your classmates with one of your favorite books.

4. I'm curious when I see someone reading on the bus

5. We have cheated others with the cover of a book

How to put the cover of some textbook of the school and from behind to be reading our favorite books.

6. I get too emotional if a book is mistreated

7. You start worrying too much about the life of a character

8. You end up rereading the last pages of the book that you liked

9. You become the most distracted person

You forget to tell the taxi driver where you were going or you always spend at least a couple of blocks your bus.

10. That uncomfortable moment when someone interrupts your reading

Yes, yes to everything, but stay away please

11. We vary genres to surprise the unconscious

How to load a book of fiction, poetry or a novel; just in case of what mood I feel.

12. We always find new ways to accommodate books

13. Our real pride is in our book collection

We have the idea that only we have the best literary taste, so we take care of our collection of books like nothing else in the world.

14. Not only is it about novels, we also love the theory

There really is a moment (a bit regressive) in which you need more theory than melodrama. The genre of truth is in the background when you need your moment of reading.

15. We feel the task of saving good books on sale

You know the feeling that good books on sale are saved as animals in danger of extinction.

16. An interesting character can disappoint you from people

And it is that a good personage, with the integrity and intelligence that the situations within the history demand to him, at the end of reading the book will leave disappointed us of the real people.

17. It is very difficult to forget a good book when you start a new one

18. In case everything gets boring, you usually load with at least one book

19. We will do everything possible to get home and finish a good book

Family, friends, work; everything goes to the background when you know you're about to finish a book that has you hooked. That's why you say stupid pretexts just to get to your house to read.

20. You get jokes and idioms used in your book

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