20 Things I want for my little sister

Remember when your parents told you you'll have a little sister?

You have learned to protect her, to help her whenever you need it and, above all, to love her. And of course, if you are a participant in your life and an accomplice of your adventures.

Do you still remember when you taught him what you already knew? Or when he started dressing like you, or doing things the way you did them?

That's why now we show you a list of things that every older sister wants for her younger sister.

1. That she has the capacity to love herself

2. Find true friends

3. Have patience to deal with problems

4. What a trip to wonderful places

5. That he keeps his convictions

6. That you feel invincible

7. To attend the best concert of his life

8. Let him kiss so that his heart stops

9. Drink coffee for long days

10. and wine, for difficult times

11. That he loves his profession

12. Be aware of your ability as a woman

13. May he win the last portions of pizza

14. Have a place to take refuge

15. To get ahead of any bad situation

16. Have cold days to appreciate the warm ones

17. To be proud of your achievements

18. To make the wedding of your dreams (where I will be)

19. To find a man who loves her always

20. Know that I will always be there for her

Via: huffingtonpost

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