20 Things for your home that you can do yourself, without spending more than the bill. They are great!


When we want to give a different touch to the decoration of our spaces, we often stop because we believe it is necessary to buy many things and our budget will suffer, when in reality it can be simpler than we think.

We present 20 ideas with things that you can do yourself without spending more than necessary.

1. That old staircase can be turned into a fabulous scarf shelf

2. Your collection of dishes should be in plain sight

3. Give refresh tops new use

4. These frames made with cardboard rolls are perfect for framing your photographs

5. Memories of your favorite beaches in bottles

6. Convert those old suitcases into wall shelves

7. A fun way to accommodate your photographs

8. Candlesticks easier to get

9. With some Washi tape and some cans you can have some nice containers of cosmetics

10. A wooden bench becomes an original archivist with cloth bags

11. Light up your spaces with this lamp made with plastic grills

12. Decorate your walls with this design made of colorful straws

13. Organize your magazines and newspapers in a rack made with plastic bottles

14. An alternative to the classic bureau lamp made with thin rolls of newspapers and magazines

15. With the sample of paintings you can decorate a wall

16. Make a picture with your old toys

17. A different header and easy to make

18. Change the typical hooks per rope to give your curtains a rustic touch

19. One way chic to save the space of a bedside lamp

20. If you are looking for a rack for necklaces, you just have to turn to the garden

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