20 Things a DAD should do with his daughter To cry in 321!


It is very probable that our father is for us a kind of super hero, especially if he has given us wisdom, understanding and affection; if he helped us fight some battles and made us feel protected. Many young dads are about to travel that road in which there are no second chances, along with their daughters.

There are many things that father and daughter can share, not only time together but actions that contribute to the formation of a woman who will feel sure of herself and of what she wants in her relationships with men.

For parents: these are 20 ways to show your daughter that in life there is no greater love than you have.

1. First show love to your mom

Treating a woman with love and affection allows a little girl to know that she can also be loved in the same way. When she grows up, she will surely look for a man who makes her feel the same way you do her mother.

2. You must always give your attention

The moments that live among you are precious and both will always remember them as the best thing that has happened to them. Try to discover the things your daughter enjoys or what is important to her, and share it with her.

3. Enjoy every moment by your side

Before you know it, your daughter will already be going to parties and meeting boys, so, spend as much time as you can by her side, so she knows she has the best father in the world. Life goes too fast to not love every moment at your side. Enjoy it while you can!

4. Teach him to play ball

Show her that she can be a great player: they say that sport is like life.

5. Bathe her when she is little

Bath time is one of the first moments you can share, since you've come back from work. Talk, play with the water and with your toys. You can even help her out, put on her pajamas and read a bedtime story.

6. Dance with her

Do not wait until the day of your wedding to dance together: share how great it is to feel the beat of music since she is little.

7. Give her a puppy

There will come a time when she will want a pet. It is almost sure. Do not forbid it: if you can not be a dog there will be some animal suitable for your lifestyle. The important thing is that it becomes an occasion to teach you that you should love, respect and care for the life of another living being.

8. Tell her she is beautiful

Tell him as much as you can. If you do not know (because we are all beautiful), a television program or magazine will convince you otherwise later.

9. Teach you to change a tire

Or any other activity considered only for men that will bail her out more than once if she does not have someone to help her.

10. Show her she's smart, not just pretty

Help her with her homework, answer her doubts, make sure she feels comfortable studying, reading, writing, as an integral part of her personality.

11. Take her to take some class

Show her your support to do any creative activity she wants.

12. Make sure you're on each of your birthdays

Probably in ten years do not remember what you gave him, but I can assure you always remember if you were not present on their birthdays.

13. Let her sleep by your side

Without making it a habit, let her cuddle with you and feel protected.

14. Take her by the hand

Never forget that she will feel safe taking your hand in any situation.

15. Try to live different experiences

Make your childhood magical as in fairy tales: take her for walks, shows, excursions or trips when possible. Approve her costumes and go with her at least some of her favorite movies. It will excite you to know that she enjoys your side.

16. Write letters reminding him of his childhood

Give them to you when you feel that you need it most or that it is the right time, so you will know that you have a father who loves you since he knew of your existence.

17. Learn to trust her

Be your father and your confidant; give her more and more a little freedom: you will see that she can be responsible and will not disappoint you.

18. Let him know that he can always go home

When you are older and independent, show that you will always have a home to which you can return, no matter what happens.

19. Let her love freely

One day it will be her turn to look for a person who loves her with the same intensity with which you love her. Let her choose on her own and trust that she will find the right person.

20. Enjoy it while you can

Before you leave home, know the love of a couple, marry and form your own family, enjoy each day by your side.

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