20 Tender cats imitating the poses of handsome men


Cats and attractive men are two of the most sought after topics on the Internet. Therefore, the association Des Chats et Des Hommes, that promotes the care and welfare of felines, created funny assemblies of cats imitating the poses and postures of different gallants and celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Pierce Brosnan, among others.

1. Martial arts


3. Mr. Whiskers

4. Hiding the face

5. Like Channing Tatum

6. A refreshing shower

7. A foam bath

8. No more pictures

9. A loud scream

10. Bite your lip

11. Embarrassed

12. A well-deserved rest

13. Walk

14. Playing the guitar

15. A delicious sip of milk

16. Intellectual

17. Go to the dark side

18. Waiting for a mission for the 007

19. Better musician than Johnny Depp

20. Under Water

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