20 Tattoo Ideas for Sisters Who Will Fall in Love with You


Tattoos have taken their second wind and apparently to stay. The desire to mark our skin can be extended to that we want to tattoo in a group as a sign of eternal love, loyalty or friendship. That's why, every time we see more and more tattoos among sisters with small symbols or insignias that for them (sisters of blood or friends of the soul) represent the highest degree of love possible.

Look at this collection of images in order to encourage you to share a gift that will last forever with that special person.

1. Always together

2. I love you

3. To infinity and beyond

4. There is no better friend than a sister And there is no better sister than you

5. Flock

6. In the face of any adversity, always together

7. 4/4 We are the same

8. Big sister / younger sister

9. Dolls

10. Little hearts

11. They complement my heart

12. Heart + sisters

13. Always (always together)

14. Eclipse

15. Heartbeat in unison

16. Pinky promise

17. Jaras

18. Sisters to infinity

19. Swallows

20. I will always protect you

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