20 Styles of footwear with which every girl of the 90s was obsessed


Today, arriving in 2016 and realizing that the 90's every minute is further away, is something difficult. When in the nineties you were a teenager full of dreams and doubts about the world, those days will surely make you feel as nostalgic as we are. And it is that trying to relive those days we have remembered our favorite beauty products and those items that every girl in the collection collected.

But this time we could not help but miss all those shoe outfits that we boasted with our friends and even the first heels we got to wear on a girls' night out disk; while we danced the hits of the moment. For all this, be prepared to feel the passage of time on your feet when you look at these 20 styles of shoes with which all the girls were obsessed in the 90s.

1. You could not go anywhere without your sandals Jelly

And we do not remember why they were Jelly, if for your fun texture or because without socks these sandals were made to melt the toes of your feet.

2. These Chinese sandals

It happened to ALL: you do not remember how or why, but for a brief moment you were obsessed collecting these, until you realized how horrible they looked.

3. The Steve Madden marked a time

If you did not wear at least one pair of Steve Madden shoes in the 90s, you missed a beautiful stage in fashion.

4. Chinese style rug sandals

Because they were made with the same material as a straw mat for the beach; although not even then, nor now does that make sense.

5. If you were rougher you were looking for these Doc Martens

Because in the 90s the girls grunge they used Martens even in sandals.

6. This shoe you swore was super comfortable

Back then you said that sandals Sanuk Voodoo They were very nice to use, but they were really exasperating and they constantly tickled you when you walked.

7. The Sugar Floaties that were everywhere

They were squeaky and very sticky when walking, but their designs were the most cool of summer, so you could not stop collecting them.

8. These Adidas they were the most in the 90s

If you were the Sporty Spice within your little group of friends who figured to be the Spice Girls from the block, sure you used these Adidas with total pride

9. These kilometric platforms could not miss

Already put looks like girl monster truck walking with tremendous platforms; But if Britney could, why do not you?

10. These mini holograms and plastic heels

They were the basic of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, and surely you used these for a party of fifteen years in high school or your graduation. They were the most chic!

11. Platforms and stuffed animal, do you already feel nostalgic?

The stuffed animal in backpacks, pens, clothes and on your platforms, was honestly the most girly, fun and flirty in the 90s.

12. These Swedish suede

The opposite of the stuffed animal, the suede was the casual and boring of your shoes. But at some point we all use them.

13. These super hard heels to walk

They were called Candies and the truth is that they seemed made of stone and equally heavy.

14. Tennis and platforms, but what a brilliant idea!

Hilary Duff had everything to blame when she started to make these sneakers Velcro and brand platform I READ. while starring in the series Lizzie McGuire

15. These flats of plastic that did not make sense

Well, almost 20 years later surely nothing that you used in the 90s makes sense now. But back then they were these nice plastic flats

16. School shoes with thick heels

They could not miss you in your outfit to complete your personification of Britney Spears in Baby One More Time.

17. Rainbow platforms

As if the size of the giant platforms were not enough, the 90s were full of rainbows everywhere, so they could not miss our sandals. This style was the most Rave Kid of the decade and you used to see them in celebrities like Gwen Stefani in No doubt

18. Skechers to do everything but exercise

The skechers it was the sports shoe brand par excellence in the 90s; however, models like this one were created only to show off with your friends at the mall.

19. And these iconic leopard boots could not miss

In the 90 everything that came with leopard print was correct and fully accepted by the world of fashion. Trend that you surely remember in Mel B, the Spice Girl fierce and full of leopard in virtually all its looks.

20. We all fell before this funny type of heel

Whoever thought that these heels were correct must have been a genius, because at the time we used them all. Now you would not put a joke on like that.

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