20 Strangers kiss for the first time and something beautiful happens immediately


The romantics say that through a kiss the soul of two people can connect. Do you remember the first time you gave your first kiss? or, better yet: the first time you kissed the person you loved the most? Surely there was an explosion of happiness and hundreds of mixed emotions in you. But now, for a second imagine kissing someone you do not know and suddenly your soul is connected to his or her.

The director Tatia Pilieva decided to record what happened when 20 strangers kissed for the first time. He called his experiment First Kiss, and it was the sensation in social networks.

Despite being complete strangers, there were couples who seemed to have known each other for years. The connection between them was incredible and yes, that and more is what can be achieved with just a kiss.

We Got 20 Strangers Who Aren't Models to Kiss Each Other (January 2021)