20 Simple and original hairstyles to wear in the gym


It does not matter if you run, you do yoga, pole dance, spinning swimming, keeping you beautiful when exercising is paramount to you, not for nothing takes hours to choose your fitness outfit and define those hairstyles with which besides seeing you cool, allow you to feel comfortable and free while you stretch and train with your favorite disciplines.

How about a low ponytail for a session of running or two braids with an elastic band to keep your hair under control? Or a high chignon for your boxing sessions? In addition, you can add elastic ribbons, bras or handkerchiefs to your hair sporty. And is that whatever your hair, we look for you look perfect to always be well combed to your sports sessions.

1. Use a sock

If you have forgotten your links, use a sock or sports media.

2. Braid upside down

Comb your hair perfectly, make it avoid stretching your hair.

3. Simple pigtail

Make small pigtails and pass them in between to obtain the desired effect.

4. Pick up your hair

Two braids and some pins will give you the perfect pickup.

5. List!

In less than a minute you will be ready to exercise with style.

6. A boxer braid

Ideal for any sport you practice.

7. 2 in 1

Boxer braids can be used in various ways.

8. Double braid

A double braid will help the hair not cover your eyes.

9. Easy and beautiful

A fold and a pigtail with a braid are the only thing you need for this collection.

10. Ponytail

Perfect for those who do not want to lose glamor.

11. Tousled

Give more volume to your hair.

12. In 2 minutes

Apparently rolling the hair is fashionable.

13. More disheveled

Your hair will be perfectly collected when weaving the braid, but it will look disheveled and with volume when rolled up, something very nice to go to gym

14. Bandanas

This accessory will always get you out of trouble, also absorbs sweat before it slips to your face.

15. Multiple braid

Even the hardest training will not ruin you.

16. Lateral queue

It looks flirty and it's practice to do, you only need links.

17. Fusion

Is ponytail It will not fail.

18. Ponytail simple

Wow! It is too simple and charming.

19. Double bun

Maybe it is not so fashionable but it will be very practical when training.

20. Bun braided

Sophisticated and functional to do any type of exercise.

15 Easy Workout Hairstyles (September 2020)