20 silly questions that we have all had to answer once


There are moments in life that do not have a logical reason and others are explained by themselves or with more than obvious answers; but there are those who have to question to make sure that their eyes do not betray them and what they see is completely real.

As a social rule, you must answer the questions you ask us, no matter how badly they are formulated, that do not make any sense or that are so stupid that the only way to answer them is with an even more stupid answer, in the end this will speak well of your formation and your magnificent sarcastic ability to respond.

1. Have you arrived?

No, I'm an illusion.

2. Do not you bring sweater?

I thought we were going to reach 40 ° this winter.

3. Where did you leave the keys?

In the drawer, only I'm seeing if they did not move.

4. Who stole you?

I do not remember his name but he created that he is my friend on Facebook, later I send him inbox.

5. Are you going to climb up?

I do not think, right now I have to climb up, do you need something?

6. Are you watching Netflix?

Oh, not for nothing! I only saw Internet advertising.

7. Are you in the bathroom?

No, I'm doing submarine hunting on the toilet and I thought I saw a giant squid go by.

8. Are you asleep?

No, I'm practicing for when I die.

9. Are you pregnant?

Not at all, it's my fault of my bad digestion.

10. Is your baby already born?

No, this child is borrowed.

11. Did you cut your hair?

No, I just grew my head and my body shrugged a little.

12. Are you going out with this rain?

No, I'll go out with the next one, it disappointed me.

13. Is it raining?

Of course not, they are just watering the planet.

14. Where did you lose your phone?

He thought that at Grandma's house, maybe he should go for him, so he would not be lost anymore.

15. Why did you crash?

Well, I had nothing to do and this I found fun.

16. Where are you talking about?

They usually ask this question even when the identifier says home.

From Timbuktu, a tornado dragged the house here.

17. Flowers?

No, they are carrots in disguise.

18. Will you pay by check?

No, I'm going to write a poem.

19. Are you going on a trip?

No, my clothes got bored of being in the closet and I took her out for a walk.

20. Did you fall?

Obviously not, only that tomorrow I have a swimming test and I wanted to practice my diving.

Questions No One Knows the Answers to (Full Version) (January 2021)