20 signs that you are reaching the END of your 20


Are you in your twenties, heading into your thirties, and you feel in crisis? You probably experience a bit of panic because it seems to you that your youth is coming to an end (which will be repeated every decade from now).

The good news is that you are not alone. Throughout the world there are people who go through the same thing as you and experience changes (many of them natural and passengers) like these.

1. You do not want to party all night

Your party friends can stay until 3 am or even more; instead you return at midnight and prefer to rest the weekend. You go to the movies or you see a couple of movies, you advance in the book that you read maybe you go out to dinner and have a glass of wine.

2. You start worrying about how you are spending your money

Going to the supermarket now is basic: you no longer eat out every day and you prefer to go home to prepare something. You also realize that you do not need the most expensive cable TV package if you must pay for the internet and cell phone.

3. You start worrying about your long-term health

All those fast foods start to take your toll and you can not recover as if you were still in college. You begin to consume yogurt instead of ice cream, to eat a plate of potatoes instead of fries. You also start to visit your doctor regularly.

4. You constantly attend weddings

Your friends have begun to marry; as a result, you become a professional at wedding gifts and perhaps the soul of any bachelorette party. You have mastered any type of group dance, those that play when there is live music.

5. You only go out with worthwhile people

You have gone through relationships in which you were not completely interested and you have enjoyed only for a while, but now you know what kind of couple you want for your future and you can differentiate those who are worthwhile to sustain a mature relationship.

6. You wake up every morning to go to work

The days when you could sleep or skip classes are over. Now you wake up every morning at the same time to go to your work. Welcome to your 30! This will be almost the rest of your life.

7. See the news

Remember when watching the news was boring or something that only your parents did? Well from a time here you started to see them too. You realized that it is important to be informed of current events.

8. Your parents no longer pay your bills

Although you complain about your lack of resources to pay your bills, your parents know that you have to be a responsible person and that it is time to pay your expenses as an adult.

9. Health insurance costs are high

The insurance benefits that your parents could give you are over. Now you have to get yours and you will realize that it is not easy to get it; that the benefits they give you are few and very expensive.

10. Financial professionals start to approach you

For example, you start receiving messages from people who offer services to help you manage your funds for retirement, even when you did not realize you had them.

11. Younger people do not know what you're talking about

You do not really begin to feel the weight of age until you join a group of younger people and have no idea what you're talking about when you mention TV shows or celebrities, not to mention your interests in movies, trend topics of Twitter and things like that.

12. Babies gradually appear in your Facebook statuses.

Yes, it is also the fault of your friends, your cousins, your brothers but one day it started, and now, when you log in to Facebook, you realize how many babies have all together and think for yourself: They are so cute.

13. You start buying more practical footwear

You still love your stilettos, but there's no way you can walk with them more than a few blocks. It is better to wear comfortable shoes and bring the others to change at the office.

14. Hangovers are very serious

Before you could drink without measure, and therefore you were able to resist the hangover the next day without problem. Now you must be careful not to die trying.

15. You will no longer buy at certain stores

You stop shopping in stores where clothes were more informal. You could spend hours buying just for fun; Now you have to find suitable clothes for the job, which show that you have matured.

16. It bothers you not to have a tableware

Speaking of ripe tastes, it used to be fine if you served drinks in any cup or glass. Now, if you do not have a drink and what it takes to serve your guests, you are ashamed.

17. Changes in the birthday list

To avoid those uncomfortable moments with your visits, now you include in the list of birthdays or Christmas kitchen items, home decoration, appliances and gift cards stores with departments that sell them.

18. You supervise the credit limit of your card

Now, as you begin to enter the professional world, you will learn to have more control over your cards. You will know that it is convenient for you to pay on time and it is not convenient for you to have a bad credit history.

19. Have a good identification

You went from feeling nervous when they asked for your ID to enter a bar or a disco to feel a certain embarrassment when they ask you no matter where because it shows your age:

Do you need my identification? Sure, no problem!

20. You have the remaining years to fulfill 30

You're not ready to be that adult yet, knowing that you're already in that territory. You have no choice but to count the years you have left to reach thirty.

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