20 Signs that you are doing it BETTER than you think


Everyone, at some point in our lives, we have felt that we are failing, that we can not move forward, that we have not grown as people. However, we tend to do things better than we think, only we are not able to realize because we are our most severe judge.

We forget to stop for a few moments to appreciate the small victories we have had, that is why we have for you these 20 indicators that you are doing better than you think.

1. You paid this month's bills

And maybe you even had something extra to spend on things that are not priority.

2. You question yourself

You do not assume that you are someone perfect with a perfect life. When you ask yourself about your life, your goals, your relationships, it means that you are still open to growth. But you must be objective and aware of yourself. The best people come home at the end of the day with this thought: Or maybe there is another way.

3. You have a job

No matter how many hours, how much they pay you, or what kind of work you have, you are solving your daily needs. It is not a failure if you realize that you value your independence and are assuming your own responsibility.

4. You have time to do what you like

Although what you like is sitting on the sofa, ask for something to eat at home and watch a series or a movie.

5. You do not worry about what you will eat tomorrow

Finally there is enough food in your refrigerator and in the pantry so you can even choose what you want.

6. You can eat because you enjoy it

It is no longer a matter of survival.

7. You have one or two really close friends

People often worry about quantity, but over time they discover that the number of people they consider friends has nothing to do with that small social circle with which they feel intimacy, acceptance, true communication and joy. At the end of the day, all we want is to have in our lives those few close people who know us and love us as we are.

8. You can pay your public transport ticket, a cup of coffee or gas for your car

The small comforts, which often are also needs, are not a problem for you.

9. You are not the same person you were a year ago

You are learning, growing and evolving. You can clearly identify the ways you have changed for good and for bad.

10. You have the time and the means to do things beyond the minimum

Maybe you've gone to a big concert in recent years, you buy books for pleasure or you can take a day trip to a neighboring city if you wish, and you do not have to work all day to survive.

11. You have enough clothes

Whether it's a good coat for the cold or light clothes for the summer. Even an outfit to go to a wedding or a party, and of course, to go to work every day.

12. You can feel what is not right in your life

The first and most important step is simply to be aware. Being able to communicate with yourself: something is not right, even though I'm still not sure what would be the best solution.

13. If you could talk to yourself a few years ago, you would say: We made it, we survived that terrible time!

In fact, many times we drag to the present the traumas that we had when we were small. To realize, just watch how your inner child feels when you listen to you will be well in front of the situation that causes conflict.

14. You have your own space

It does not have to be a house or apartment (although it's great if it is). All you need is a room, a corner, a desk, any place where you can create or rest; where you are mistress and mistress and impose your own rules. That little world that is one of the few spaces where we can exercise control.

15. You have lost relationships

More important than having them is the fact that you or your ex-partner did not decide to settle. You opened yourself to the opportunity to meet someone beyond.

16. You are interested in something

There are so many options! Live a happy life, maintain better relationships, the book you read, society or the axis on which the world revolves: there is something that intrigues you and makes you want to discover the answers.

17. You know how to take care of yourself

You know how many hours of sleep you need to feel good the next day, who to turn to when you're broken-hearted, what's fun for you, what to do when you're not feeling well, what amount of food you need to maintain your weight, in short, You know and try to do what is best for you.

18. You are working to reach a goal

Even if you are exhausted, if you feel that you are far from getting it, the important thing is that you have a dream for yourself, even if it is vague and can change over time.

19. You do not stay inflexible about what may happen in your future

Those people who are happiest and successful in their lives are those who can make any situation an ideal; who are immersed in the moment and do not seek only to obtain a specific result.

20. You've been through hard times

You can look at the challenges you are currently facing and compare them with those situations that you thought you would never overcome.

From this, think that you can stay calm, because you know that at the end of the day, anything can be resolved. Life did not become easier, you became more intelligent.

20 Signs you’re doing better than You Think You Are (January 2021)