20 Signs that will tell you if you are an undesirable girlfriend; you could take a surprise


Your relationships are probably very short or your partners lose interest quickly. However, you do not worry because you only let life go by.

The truth interests you very little, it is clear that sentimental relationships bore you and you prefer to stay on the sidelines or do what is possible for that person to leave your life. Maybe it would be good to consider a change of attitude, especially if you identify with the following signs that indicate you are a lousy girlfriend.

1. You are greedy

When they go out to eat, to go for a walk or even if they go to a store, you never get your wallet, much less do you offer to pay.

2. You get angry for everything

For no reason you get mad like crazy and swear that you are unfaithful when you go out with your friends or it takes time to answer the phone.

3. You never appreciate

He passes by you to your house, takes you surprise gifts, invites you to the movies and you, you never thank him.

4. You think he sees you as someone submissive

You have never prepared a meal for him since you think he will take it as if you were a submissive woman.

5. You throw your letters

Some other times you lose them without remorse, as if it were so easy for a man to write letters nowadays.

6. You've never given her a surprise

You have never tried to surprise her, you have not even bothered to think about it. You prefer to spend everything on you.

7. You blame him

When they have a fight in which you were at fault, and you know it, the first thing you do is throw yourself into the tantrum blaming it at all times.

8. Do not answer the messages

Especially those in which he is tender with you.

9. It bothers you to see him happy

As soon as happy time, do your best to ruin the day.

10. Everything revolves around you

Everything must be around you. If the talk of your friends or something else that has no relationship with you, you get angry again.

11. Only you decide

They can only leave when you have decided the time, place and date.

12. Criticizing your loved ones

Most of the time you criticize your family, even when they have nothing to do with you.

13. You compare it

And if it is not enough, you also highlight their mistakes.

14. Flirt with other guys

In a way you are unfaithful from the fact of imagining yourself with someone else.

15. You do not look for it

You always wait for him to beg you. Especially when there was a previous fight.

16. You invade your privacy

Check your cell phone and social networks, even when you have not given reason to suspect.

17. You speak badly about him

You also allow others to criticize you.

18. You lie to him

You tell him lies about where you are going, what you are going to do and who you are with.

19. Do not consent

Do not worry about fulfilling your fantasies or indulging in intimacy, even if he does it for you.

20. You waste your time

You know you do not want it but you do not let it go, you only lose time by holding it by your side.

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