20 Secrets of couples staying together FOREVER


There really is no formula for couples to remain happy and united throughout their lives. Sometimes the circumstances make the ties simply break, but it is up to you and your partner to make their relationship happy and lasting.

However, there are some secrets, and here we leave you 20 that couples of years have to stay together.

1. Never underestimate the value of asking the other how your day was

Your attention to your partner does not become less good just because it is a routine: at the end of the day, even if you feel like nobody cares about what you have done, you can be sure that your partner not only It will matter, but you will also want to know the details.

2. Some fights are fights, period. They do not always have to agree.

You can be madly in love and still be angry at that person, but fights do not have to mean the end. Couples who stay together choose the value of their relationship over conflicts.

3. Accept that relationships come with obligations

It is possible that you do not want to do everything your partner wants you to do with him, or he does what you want, but a responsibility is to be accompanied, interested in the other, find more coincidences than differences. One test of how much they matter is knowing that the other is happy to have you by their side, and that makes all the things you do not jump for joy worthwhile.

4. However, be honest about the places you really want your partner to attend

Not everything is forced. Maybe it's important for him to attend the dinner of his fellow racers every year, but he will not die if you do not accompany him to watch the Super Bowl with his brothers. And so, the same in your case. Both must be fair about it.

5. Buy small surprises

Does your partner love mint ice cream with chocolate chips? Buying a boat while you're in the store proves you were thinking about it, even while doing your boring, everyday tasks like buying milk.

6. Do not force yourself to attend double or group appointments when not all couples are friends

It is good that you or he go alone with his friends or attend work commitments; In fact, it is good to give yourself that space, in common agreement. But it is important that they form their own group of friends already as a couple. It is a good sign when the best friends of each become friends of both.

7. Always greet yourself with a kiss before doing anything when you get home, and when you say goodbye

Even if you have to go to work a little earlier, stop to kiss him quickly. And give him a kiss as soon as they meet at the end of the day. All this means that you care and love you above all.

8. Sometimes you have to say no to the invitations to spend time with your partner

The fact that your agenda is blank one night is not a tragedy, on the contrary. Life becomes strangely busy as we get older. It is good and valuable to reserve free time to be together.

9. Treat your family like yours

They love knowing you think of them as your family. And your partner will love to see that you treat them like your own family. Call them or send a message from time to time. (If you do not like it at first, be careful!)

10. More I love you is always better than less

They are two words that never age. Are you really not going to say it anymore?

11. Be understanding when the other is sick

Maybe it means canceling plans for dinner and preparing soup or some remedy; run to the pharmacy. But do not complain. Nobody gets sick on purpose, and if the situation were the other way around, you know he will care about you.

12. Take charge of the household chores that your partner normally does when he is flooded with work

No, you do not want to wash your clothes, but you do it to make your partner's life easier. In exchange for making things more flexible on their mutual to-do list, they will be more likely to do things they really enjoy together when their schedule is free. Both will have crazed periods at some point, and everything levels out at the end.

13. Do not make jokes at the expense of your partner

Be respectful and think about what you would like and not share about you with others. Above all, your partner is not your joke.

14. It is ready on time

Many meaningless fights can be avoided if both are ready on time. Start fixing 20 minutes before what you think you need time. Most likely, you or your partner, or someone else, is sensitive about punctuality: that is when you have to avoid going the wrong way.

15. If someone speaks ill of your partner, defend him / her

Even if you are too polite to correct people or tell them something rude, sometimes you have to make an exception. After all, we are supposed to be mutually supportive.

16Keep informed of your individual plans

Are you going to have a drink with a friend after work? Great, but let him know where you are going to be because he does not care. It is not a matter of asking permission, it is a matter of being courteous, because one always wants to be calm knowing that your partner is safe and healthy and not in trouble.

17. Respond to each of your messages and calls

Without exception, when it comes to your partner. If you need to get in touch for any reason, that should be a priority.

18. Choose not to fight when traveling

It may happen that the luxury hotel you booked was not so fancy, or that you went to the beach and forgot to pack your swimsuit. And before that you can have a bad mood and be that person who wants to leave, or you can realize that you will have a good story to tell or with which to joke in the future.

19. Be spontaneous

Make a dinner reservation at the last minute. Or just go have a drink at your favorite bar. Have a relationship one morning at random. Surprise him with tickets to a concert or to the cinema. Sharing unplanned things with the person you love is fun.

20. Love yourself unconditionally

It really is that simple. And complicated.

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