20 Reflections that people with anxiety want to share with you


For the millions of people in the world who suffer from anxiety disorders, everyday life can be more difficult than most people believe.

The situation is complicated if they feel that nobody understands what happens to them. As an extra support to cope with this condition, the group was created Mental Health On The Mighty on Facebook, so that anyone suffering from mental illnesses such as anxiety and panic can share reflections about their lives, that way their friends and other people can understand a little of what goes on in their minds.

1. Do not give up and move away from me when I isolate myself.
Jen Jolly

2. Sometimes it really helps to have someone you love and trust to remind you that you should only breathe.
Tania Lynne Sidiqi

3. Even when things are incredible, I am always waiting for something horrible to happen.
Lindsay Ballard

4. When I'm calm; I'm not sad, bored, tired or whatever they want to catalog. Only there are many things that are going through my head and sometimes I can not keep up with what is happening around me.
Amanda Jade Briskar

5. Seriously. It's not you, it's Me. Anxiety in general feels like a drowning all the time. Most of the time life intensifies that feeling. If it's hard for me to make plans, do not take it personally.
Cory Lee Tyler

6. When you ask me, are you okay? You can think that I do not trust you when I say yes, I'm fine. But in my mind, I think you're going to stop seeing me as a kind, funny and calm person if you knew the truth.
Arianne Gaudet

7. I need you to get close to me, even when I am so anxious that I have stopped going out of the house. I need to know that someone still cares about me and wants to see me.
Hayley Lyvers

8. I'm sorry. Sorry for every invitation I have declined, for all those times that I have seemed irrational or unpleasant because I felt overwhelmed or scared. I am sorry for every time I said that I would like to do something, but then I retract. I am also sorry if my anxiety hurts you.
Melissa Kapuszcak

9. I constantly analyze things because of my anxiety. I can not stop my brain and that can be exhausting.
Cailea Hiller

10. Anxiety does not have a look. I do not have to be trembling or hyperventilated to be anxious.
Vicki Blank

11. If I'm not comfortable doing something, just let it go. Do not try to convince me, it makes it worse.
Jennifer DiTaranto

12. I am not an ice cube. Sometimes anxiety prevents me from doing social things. It may cancel at the last minute, but it is never because of hostility or laziness. I know that if you need me I will be there with everything I can.
Bridget Hamilton

13. It's not your job to fix myself. Please love me the way I am.
Carole Detweiler Oranzi

14. Most of the time I do not know what is going on in my head either. I understand that you do not understand, but your efforts mean the world to me.
Avery Roe

15. Keep inviting me to group plans even if I usually decline them. Some days I feel stronger than others, so my answer may surprise you. Be patient .
Kara Edkins

16. Do not take it personally when I do not want to leave. My comfort zone is my house. It is my safe space.
Elizabeth Vasquez

17. Every time I speak with you, I think of every word of that conversation. If I say something, I feel I should not have said it. Even if it's as simple as a grammar mistake, I'll obsess about it for years.
Chelsea Noelani Gober

18. Sometimes I just need to be alone. It is not personal. I'm not angry. I do not have a problem I just do not want to do something fun. I just need to be alone to be able to recover and breathe a little.
Stacey Weber

19. When I say that I can not assume even one thing, I need you to understand that I really can not.
Christine L Hauck

20. When I can not do something, nobody is more disappointed than me. Please try to understand that.
Lindsey Hemphill

Like a Broken Vessel (January 2021)