20 reasons why your sister is the best GIFT that your parents gave you

A sister shares her blood with you and is evidently connected to you. When she is the oldest, she has been there since the beginning, when you were just an innocent girl who did not understand the jokes of older movies.

He met you before you were great and still found a way to like him.

Having a sister is like having an older best friend who lives in the same house as you. Not only does it make family photos look cheerful and complete, it also makes your life that way.

An older sister is, and will forever be, the best gift your parents could have given you.

1. He let you enter the world of adults

Thanks to her you could find out about all those sexual innuendos of the Clueless movie. Or what a murky family event happened in the kitchen after dinner (and it was not the dessert).

2. She helped you build your character

That time her friends went to your house and she closed the door in your face, or when your mom forced you to join her in the game of hide and seek and nobody found you on purpose, in reality they were moments when your character was forming.

3. With it you can have deep and honest conversations

Take off my damn shoes now, piece of m ** da, before you make them big with your huge orangutan foot.

Who else could you have this kind of conversation with?

4. She can help you get job opportunities

Having a sister means having an extensive network of your well-developed professional connections. Your friends can probably be your immediate supervisors, so you'll have an advantage when a job opportunity presents itself.

5. Gives you the most honest fashion tips

Since you are a representation of both your genetic success and that of your sister, you can be sure that she will never let you go out looking like Clarissa explains everything. And if you find her in a good mood, she could even offer you her own clothes.

6. She softened your parents

The fact that you were late for home because you stayed drinking alcohol with your friends is not so serious compared to the time your sister ran away from home. His time of rebellion prepared your parents for when it will be your turn to grow.

7. You can download your anger in it

While almost all your friends would hate you for this, your sister has no choice but to continue loving you.

8. She is the responsible

You can always count on her to buy your mom's birthday present (she will first remind you that it is her birthday). And as your parents named her your official nanny, she's used to taking care of you.

9. It lets you disturb the tranquility of your apartment

The pajamas between sisters are the best. You can use your makeup, try on your clothes and assault your kitchen. It's the closest thing to being on vacation.

10. She takes you everywhere in school

It made you be the envy of some because you were with the greatest. In addition, the teachers already knew her and adored her. They always gave him good grades and therefore they loved you too.

11. Stays quiet

When you arrive suspiciously late at home and go to eat everything you find in the refrigerator.

12. She improves the family name

For her it is important to set a good example, since most people will refer to you as the little sister of

13. She duplicates your collection

Having a sister means that you will have double everything. Sharing, on the other hand, is another issue.

14. It's the person you imitate

She is the one who taught you almost everything you know, from how to send the demon to that girl who bothered you at recess to how to curl your hair. The truth is that you like to receive your leftovers because secretly you always thought that she was better than you.

15. He is the guru of your life

Your sister is the one who gives you the best advice because, someone who has the same blood as you, rest assured that he will be the one who cares most about what happens to you.

16. She is the only person who can criticize your family with you

Of course you can vent your family conflicts with your friends, but it would be very uncomfortable for them to say something like: Yes, your mother is a case. On the other hand, your sister understands and can tease you about how hysterical your mother is sometimes.

17. She supports you unconditionally

When nobody buys what you're selling, or your antics are no longer funny, your sister appears.

18. With it you can play the house

Actually, only when they were girls. Now, figuratively, when she invites you to dinner and puts what you liked for your lunch the next day.

19. Your parents let them do activities that unite them

They give them money to go dancing, to a bar, wherever, as long as they go together.

20. She gives you the best advice on men

Flirt with one of my unmarried friends and I'll kill you.

20 Reasons Why Your Big Sister Is The Greatest Gift Your Parents Gave You (January 2021)