20 Reasons why your PREPARATORY friends will be your best friends for ALWAYS


You have probably shared your most intimate secrets with your best friends and still do it without any fear. This is because your high school friends are the best of all. Maybe having spent part of your adolescence with them makes them even more special, but the fact is that they have seen you in your best moments and in the worst, and despite that, they love you with all their heart.

Whether it's about joys or sorrows, highs or lows, and all the nuances, what keeps their friendship is that they have lived all together.

1. From the first day

They are friends from the first class.

2. They have survived the most difficult years of adolescence together

Nothing can unite two people more than walking through the horrors of high school with physics, chemistry and all those boiling hormones. It's like a modern version of a blood pact.

3. They know the crushes and the ex of each one of you

They can not always forget the romantic adventure they had with the onion-breathing guy, because your friends always remind you that all your notebooks were scribbled with I love the onion lord,

4. Embarrassing stories? You have a whole file of them

And you're ready to remind them at a given moment. Blackmail is easy when you know that your best friend used to be called Chewbacca in high school because, well, he was very hairy.

5. You can trust blindly in them

Hello! They are people who have been by your side at any time, so they are worthy of your trust.

6. You do not have to pretend when they are close

Yes, in fact you are much more fun with them than you usually are, because you can be yourself.

8. Another subject that you love to talk about? The other people at the school

There is nothing in this world that is more fun than telling the gossip of the people with whom you went to school.

9. They have seen you while you sleep!

And they have heard you snoring too. Like I said, there's nothing you have not seen, and they continue to love you despite how ridiculous you look after a good night's sleep.

10. If you were called in the middle of the night asking for help to bury a body, you would go immediately

You do not ask questions Because you know that they will do the same for you.

11. Sometimes they can tell you more about you than you know

You can see the things that are in you that you yourself do not realize.

12. They have played the role of your therapist with your mood changes

Nobody else can be soft when you have an episode. They have already memorized your reactions when you are in your period, when they unfairly qualify you on an exam or you have problems with your boyfriend.

13. And yes, they have had fights and dramas

They have spent at least three hours in which they do not talk to each other about something that is really silly, but no matter how many times they fight, they always try to fix things and make their relationship stronger than before.

14. They have remained in contact throughout the university, even though they are in different schools

The fact that they have decided to study different careers does not mean separating. Skype calls are mandatory to tell you about an emergency, and not to mention the face calls. That makes you feel like you are not far away.

15. Because there is always at least one of the group who lives difficult things

Actually, staying in touch is undoubtedly the best part of having best friends forever.

16. They will never judge you


17. Your parents treat you like family

You love going to the house of some of them, because they are like your own parents, but much more great.

18. Of course, talking to them gives you a nostalgic feeling

They have been busy most of the time with work and relationships. But every time they talk, they have a feeling that is not like any other, of hugging and feeling at home.

19. You promised to be at each one's wedding and at the birth of their babies

They were there holding your hand during some of the most difficult days of your life. And of course, they will be by your side in the rest of memorable events of your future, no matter how good or bad they may be. You can not even imagine what life would be like without its nonsense.

20. They really love you and you love them

Call your best high school friends AT THIS MOMENT, and plan a reunion, just to make new unforgettable memories.

Chaperoning 7th Graders (January 2021)