20 Reasons to enjoy your singleness at 20s


Are you sad because you've reached 20 and you're still single?

In PinkMyRide We give you 20 reasons why you should enjoy and do in your singleness at 20².

1. Be spontaneous

Maybe it's the only opportunity in your life to do what you want, when you want and without anyone restricting or putting you first.

2. Travel

It is one of the best ways to discover who you really are. You will meet new people, you will make friends and you will have very good memories and anecdotes that you can tell who you want.

3. Spend quality time with your family and friends

Being with another person you spend less time with those you love, so, to give your love to those who deserve it, but above all to give them quality time.

4. You can watch your series whenever you want

Could not you watch Sex and the City or Girls just because your boyfriend seemed bored? Now you can.

5. Work hard, play hard and take time to reflect

Do what you like. You are the only one responsible for you, so enjoy, have fun and give yourself the opportunity to be with you.

6. Learn to feel good by being alone

You are in perfect harmony with yourself, you have many qualities, so you only need you in your life.

7. Have the appointments you want

Go out with as many kids as you want, the more you know gallants, the easier it will be to find the right one.

8. Did I mention that you will travel? in truth, you must travel!

9. Read how much you can

Expand your knowledge and learn from others the lessons of life.

10. Put your values ​​into practice

Later you will realize how important it is to find a partner with whom you share those values.

11. Accept what life offers you; come out of your bubble

Value your freedom and youth because it is not forever. Do not be of the women who left their youth without doing anything for them and, when they turn to the past, they repent and want to return the time. Do not stay with the desire of anything.

12. Sleep as you like

When you are lying down, sleep in the center, in a starry or crossed style. Some day you will only have a part of the bed.

13. Enjoy the freedom to make decisions for you

This right once belonged to your parents, later you will have to make decisions with your partner. This is your moment, take advantage of it.

14. Buy the expensive bag or shoes that you like so much

Later the money you will earn with great effort will be to buy towels from your house and less important things. Now spend it as you want, it's all yours.

15. Sleep as much as you want

16. Use any free time to do what you like

Learn to surf, go to the gym, write a book and take time from the world.

17. Move to another city

If there is nothing you like in your city, do not miss the opportunity and give yourself the opportunity to experiment in a new place. New challenges will come, you will meet new people. Remember: Your home will always be there for when you need it, do not be afraid.

18. Say Yes to whatever comes

You have more space in your life, do not miss any opportunity.

19. It sounds cliché but: do not try to look for love

Do not get distracted from what you can enjoy during your bachelorhood. Enjoy the here and the now! Let it arrive when it should be.

20. Do all this and more

One day you will have children and you can tell them everything you did when you had 20. You can tell them how much you learned from your experiences and how they prepared you for life, and of course, how much fun you had during your youth.

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