20 REAL problems that only the girls of CABELLO coarse will understand


Having thick hair always causes some suffering. You have dealt with daily battles since you were little because you had a lot of hair and could not comb it.

Over the years, things have gotten worse and now there are many more side effects with which the girls who grew up with thick hair will feel identified, such as the following:

1. Before, when you were a girl and your mom had to comb your hair

2. Hair on the floor and walls of the shower when we wash it

3. The horrible disadvantage of traveling without our tools

Oh it's cute, but: what am I supposed to dry, my eyebrows?

4. Having to buy three hair dyes

Having to buy 3 hair dyes #thickhairproblems pic.twitter.com/jA2jYSkJIF

Gabie Alvarado (@gabieweasley) July 31, 2015

5. Try to change the ponytail by the loose hair and look like this:

6. Let our hair look like this before ironing

7. That to break the leagues for the hair is thing of every day

8. That your hair is responsible for several premature comb deaths

9. O decapitations and brush detachments

#GrowingUpWithThickHair pic.twitter.com/eydeejxbRT

Grace (@grace_ellaaa) July 24, 2015

10. To suffer the moisture effect

11. Need products like these

And since they are for children, you use half a bottle every time you go out to bathe.

12. Listen to the girls with fine hair say that they would like to have thick hair

#growingupwiththickhair when someone tells you they wish they had hair like yours pic.twitter.com/xZ79z70HQ6

andie (@synalipha) July 27, 2015

(They have no idea)

13. (It's for that reason that we can not have nice things!)

14. We have eternal dilemmas

The worst. ???? haha #ThickHairProblems pic.twitter.com/c34prOjFEC

Heather Hall (@Heatherrose_) December 20, 2014

As the hairline does not reach three turns, but it is too loose if we only give two.

15. Stay at your best friend's house and discover that you have 2 in 1 Shampoo

16. Save and protect your last league alive

why I have trust issues #ThickHairProblems pic.twitter.com/KMdsmWUBRf

vic prestigiacomo (@VictoriaPresti) November 18, 2014

17. Let people tell you: But how much hair do you have!

18. That knots of little hair are formed in your leagues

19. Causing a shortage of energy throughout the city by drying your hair

20. Letting you dry your hair only in summer means seeing yourself like this:

But at the end of the day it will remain a SÃ? PER hair