20 Qualities that the man with whom you will marry must have


If at this moment you are thinking that your partner is the person with whom you want to share the rest of your life, do not miss this list, where we tell you what are some of the qualities that guarantee the success of your relationship.

1. You share your tastes

Regardless of your habits, your partner must have respect for your opinions and beliefs; also for your tastes. Believing in the same things as religion, favorite food or the taste of coffee in the morning gives extra points to your relationship.

2. Teaches you new things

A life together can be boring if you do not experience new things. And what better to do next to the person with whom you want to share your life.

It can be something small like baking cookies, or something big like learning an extreme sport. Do not miss the feeling of learning something new from someone.

3. There is extreme confidence

If you feel the need to see your partner's cell phone, you are showing your distrust towards him. Are you really looking for a relationship like that? Once you start to meddle in their privacy, such as checking messages or calls, you throw everything away, because that is why you can create a discussion. In a few words: the one who seeks finds.

4. Spend time with you

Every couple needs quality time, but make sure that the phrase quality time is well applied, that is, that you not only enjoy yourself, but also your partner.

Going out and socializing or hanging out with friends is always fun, but it's also nice to be alone snuggled up, watching a movie or having an intimate night.

The best moments are where they take time to rest from the routine and leave everything aside.

5. It makes you a better person

Do you want to know if that person is the right one? You just have to ask yourself a question and, without thinking, give the best answer: Does it make you better?

6. He understands you with a single glance

This is the typical case of indoor joke where you only see him in the eyes and instantly have a fit of laughter. They are in tune, so much so that the joke does not need to be explained; you know, and that is enough.

7. Do not put restrictions

The person you want to marry should not put an ultimatum like: I will not do such thing until or if you do this Our relationship ends. There should not be such absurd norms as these that forbid the other to do what he wants, or be himself.

8. Is committed to the relationship

Commitment is the key to a successful relationship. A commitment implies responsibility and loyalty in any situation.

That is, if he does not like to go to the concert of your favorite group or listen to your music for hours, he will accompany you in the same way just to make you happy and share a pleasant moment together.

9. Respect your family

It is not necessary to appreciate them or to have them affection, although that is always a plus; but he knows how to respect them because they are also his family.

10. It satisfies you in bed

If there is no full relationship in bed, it can happen that they seek that satisfaction on the other hand; Being satisfied is beyond pleasure.

It looks for that both are comfortable and in confidence when it comes to intimate topics, because there must be good communication.

11. Love your flaws

If you love and accept their faults, you are really in love and are destined to be together. Take into account that the person who wants to marry you must play with your strongest points, understand them and accept them.

12. Does compliments when you really want to say them

As a couple they are there is such confidence to share compliments without taboos. It tells you how amazing you look or how smart you are; although not necessarily do it daily.

13. Has his feet on the ground

If you are with someone who enjoys splurging on extravagant items and who shows to be materialistic, and you tend to be a firm person with their feet firmly on the ground, they are probably not together for long.

14. Remain faithful

This is quite obvious: for a relationship to work requires fidelity (you'll be surprised how many people admit cheating their partner at least once). If you wish to have something with someone else, it is better to end the relationship.

15. Shows intelligence

An intelligent person is usually interesting, and is that intelligent people are not only the person who is correcting you in everything, but who helps you make good decisions and offers advice.

Your partner does not necessarily have to be a university graduate with honors, but rather the intelligence that is inherently possessed.

16. You find it attractive

If you are going to spend your life with that person, let it be someone who attracts you physically. In some years your hair may fall off, you may gain weight, etc.

17. Participate in your favorite activities

They do not have to have exactly the same tastes, for example: supporting the same team; However, being there and feeling your partner's support is important. In addition, they are points in favor.

18. Visualize a future together

Imagine a future with your partner is very common, but try to both want the same.

19. It gives you unconditional love

Unconditional love is how to be there in any situation.

20. Always look for a way to make yourself happy

The happiness of being next to him is not something you know, it's something that you simply feel

If A Man Has These 15 Qualities, Never Let Him Go (January 2021)