20 Problems that only girls who wear glasses will understand


The lenses are a pretty nice accessory that is fashionable today and exists in thousands of models, but when you have to use them 24 hours 7 days a week, literally because you have no other choice, they can be somewhat uncomfortable.

We are sure that all girls who wear glasses can handle this problem, but we also think it is interesting to make a compilation of other everyday details that only they can understand.

1. You have to clean your lenses all the time

They stain easily and distract you from the objective you want to see clearly.

2. Before you sleep and when you take a shower, you are basically at the mercy of the world

You do not know if you just used the conditioner or shampoo again

3. People still assume you're an intellectual

Our level of intelligence represented by how much we read or study is totally independent of the fact that we wear glasses, and no, we are not the obvious choice to calculate the amount that each one must pay for dinner, so it is better that someone use your calculator

4. Doing any kind of sport is much more difficult

You like to run? Good luck with those glasses sliding down your face! Do you like to swim? Good luck if you get to the other side! The consolation is that contact lenses exist, if you do not have problems to use them.

5. People often ask you: Can I try on your glasses?

You reluctantly give them to try to prove them, but in reality: what is the point of all this? What do they say: Wow, are you super-blind !?

6. They slide constantly down your nose

Especially if they do not have support pads

7. Rain is your worst enemy

Because they get dirty and you have to deal with cleaning once more.

8. You can not drink coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other hot food without your glasses fogging

Could someone say that is not true?

9. You're familiar with the compliment: You're so pretty without your glasses

O Your lenses do not let you appreciate those big eyes, and phrases like that.

10. You do not feel completely sexy when you have your glasses on

You know you really are, but society has made you feel otherwise. Do not doubt for a second that you are beautiful and sexy!

11. Sunglasses

Option 1: Renounce them so you can see. Option 2: You buy a pair and you pay extra to graduate, although you will have only the original frame. Option 3: You wear sunglasses, but avoid doing any activity for which an excellent vision is indispensable. Option 4: You pay for contact lenses that you may wear for three months of the year.

12. Kissing is a challenge

You can put your glasses somewhere in the meantime, just be careful that they are safe and do not run the risk of being crushed in a moment of passion. (Trust me: if there is a way to ruin a romantic moment is when you destroy your favorite glasses.)

13. If one day you wear contact lenses instead of glasses, nobody recognizes you!

I'm here, I'm not invisible!

14. 3D movies are impossible to see

Have fun trying to get two glasses at the same time.

15. Going to the beach or the pool requires a companion guide for everything

You can not use your lenses in the water, so you need a guide so you do not end up wandering blindly and falling into the pool; or collide with the first distracted from the beach.

16. Sleeping on one side of the bed to watch TV is impossible

Watching videos on your laptop or watching television is not an easy task: you can not find a comfortable position where you do not crush or break them.

17. When they get lost you crawl along the ground like a worm until you find them

18. You feel that there is no point in putting makeup on your eyes

Your glasses hide all the amazing work you did with the mascara, the shadow, the eyeliner

19. You live with the constant fear that your contact lenses will come out

Because if you do not bring your spare lenses, you run the risk of hitting everything. And walking with a closed eye is not normal.

20. But at the end of it all, you love your glasses

They are part of your personality and yes: you look beautiful!

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