20 people who failed completely when designing their eyebrows

Eyebrows can highlight our beauty, as they accentuate our eyes and facial features more, but only if we have a clear idea of ​​how to depilate them to look beautiful.

Thanks to his eyebrows, which became his trademark, some famous Hollywood actresses hypnotized the screen. Such is the case of Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, who had bushy eyebrows that accentuated their warm beauty.

1. Lost fight against down

2. Floral designs

3. Permanent discomfort

4. We all have something of stylists

5.- What were you thinking?

6. Growing free

7. Defined with rule

8.- In them we could review math

9. A very artistic design

10. Looking to be combined

11. Perfect definition

12. There are variety of styles

13. An indescribable arch

15. Looking at all costs to look beautiful

16. Extra-thick outline

17. If what matters is the smile

18. No comments

19. For a cat lover

20. Sometimes it is in the attempt

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