20 Original ideas to decorate your room in a simple and beautiful way; it will be your favorite place


Your room is a sacred space where you spend a lot of time just sleeping or choosing what to wear, it is a reflection of our way of thinking and our tastes.

With the passage of time it is good to change your style a bit, so that you feel that it is still your sanctuary, that corner to enjoy alone and relax. You do not need to invest a lot of money, just time and imagination, and here we give you some ideas.

1. Slate wall

Cover one of the walls with black board paint and let your imagination flow. You can write poems, lists of things to do, phrases, drawings and everything you can think of.

2. Painting with geometric designs

You can choose one of the walls of your room and recreate some geometric pattern. You need three paintings of different colors, ribbon masking tape, brushes and desire to work; place the ribbon creating patterns, you decide how many and what size, just let your creativity flow.

3. Watercolor style painting

You will need to dilute the paint of your choice with different amounts of water, it can be a container with 1/2 of water and one of paint, 3/4 of water and the rest of the paint, and so on. Paint irregular spots on parts and see how the wall absorbs the paint with water.

4. Mountains

It seems a little more complicated than it really is, you'll need to be patient, put your favorite music and hands to work. As with the watercolor wall, you have to dilute the paint with water to give different densities, you can use one or two shades and mix them, the closer the mountain the more intense the color must be.

5. Triangle stencil

For this you will need a piece of cardboard or cardboard of letter size, you have to draw a triangle to your liking; line the piece with plastic for notebooks and cut out the triangle. Place the stencil you just made on the wall you want to decorate and paint inside the triangle. You decide the pattern and the colors you want to apply.

6. Stencil of circle

As in the triangle, you can make circles, squares and stars, the way you like or even combine several.

7. Paint only one wall and a piece of the next one

What do you think of this idea, you just have to paint the wall of your choice and give a continuity of about 60 centimeters on the roof and side walls.

8. 3/4 of pink please

Painting only a section of the walls makes you believe that the space is wider than it seems, you choose the middle point or perhaps a little higher. Just remember to put some tape so you do not overstep the limit.

9. Colorful cutouts

If you do not want to paint, you can buy colored cards and cut out different geometric shapes; Take care that these colors combine with your current decoration and adhere them with tacks or wall glue.

10. A funny blanket

You can place on your head the beach blanket that you like, you only need nails, a hammer and ready.

11. If you want harmony, paint a mandala

The mandalas are Buddhist symbols that represent the evolution of the universe. You can buy it on vinyl just to paste it or paint it yourself, you will need to have a very good pulse or lean on a ruler and do not forget a compass to trace it. On the Internet you can find many designs.

12. Magazine cutouts

You can collect your mom's, sisters ', friends' or your own magazines and choose the covers, advertisements or signs that you like the most; with them you arm a collage and you are adding the images with white glue. At the end of your work of art, you will need to give a layer of varnish for walls so that the cuts are not mistreated.

13. Rain of lights

First you will need the Christmas series and nails with clamps to fix them to your ceiling and wall; then you will have to nail a semitransparent cloth over the lights. Make sure you texture the folds for a more interesting effect.

14. Hang your best memories

Another idea is to use the guide of Christmas lights to hang your favorite photographs, you will only need to fix the guide to the wall and the photographs with hooks for the clothes.

15. Old frames

You will have to visit an antique store and buy two or more old frames, then it will only be a matter of painting them the color you like the most or the one that most matches the decoration of your room, the ones fixed to the wall and voila. You can put some interesting object inside or leave them empty.

16. Plants

If you are a plant lover you may like this, you just need to fix some shelves and put your little green friends on them. The idea works best if they are cactus or plants that do not require a lot of water; otherwise, you will have to move them every time you water them to prevent other furniture from getting wet.

17. World maps

If you are an adventurous girl surely this will be your favorite option, you only need maps of your favorite countries and fix them to the wall with tacks; You can add the points you have already visited or the ones you want to know in your next trips.

18. Dreamcatcher

The dream catchers are objects that, according to shamanic medicine, help us to keep good ideas and pleasant dreams with us. They are handmade objects that can be found in markets or you can make them yourself, you will only need a wooden hoop, yarn and a YouTube tutorial. Make the number of dream catchers you like and hang them all on a nice branch that you find in the garden or in the park, fixed with some nails to your wall, and fixed business.

19. Flowers and more flowers

You will need nails with clamps and the flowers of your preference, they can be dried flowers, but you will have to be careful not to break them or, if you prefer, some pretty plastic ones. Combine them according to their colors and fix them with a separation of 60 centimeters between them; They can be different as in the image or all the same, you decide.

20. Curtain of pompoms

For this fun pompom pendant you will need yarn or yarn, scissors and this tutorial to learn how to make tassels. After you make a few of different colors and sizes, tie them all to a stick or branch of wood and hang it in the place of your room that requires more color.

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