20 Offenders who deserve to be models. They are beautiful and very sexy!


Do you remember the beau who caught the looks for being the sexiest delinquent? Yes, we are talking about Jeremy Meeks, the boy with the moving eyes. Unfortunately, he made himself known thanks to the Facebook page Stockton Police Department after being arrested for a felony with weapons.

But Meeks is not the first sexy person who has ever been arrested. Here we will show you the most attractive guys who have committed some crime and have been caught by the police. Some should perhaps consider devoting themselves to the catwalks after serving their sentence.

1. He has a cute baby face and it did not turn out to be so innocent

2. Like him

3. This boy, although disheveled, has something in his rough aspect

4. He could have been caught by attractiveness

Although he was actually arrested for violating his probation and for robbery.

5. This charming prince challenges everyone with his gaze

He was arrested for possession of marijuana and various drugs.

6. Is he a model or a criminal?

7. He does not look like a delinquent

Its innocent aspect almost says the opposite.

8. He's the kind of guy our moms would not warn us about

9. Your only charge should be to look so sexy

10. Sean Kory could be the Jeremy Meeks competition

He was arrested for assaulting a man with a tennis racket.

11. The innocent face is just your appearance

12. He could be the handsome guy in the gang

13. He has a different attractiveness

He was arrested for having marijuana.

14. That smile makes him look so harmless

But he was charged with second-degree search and resistance to arrest.

15. We accuse him of being cute

He was charged with a charge of petty theft.

16. Who could resist these eyes?

He was driving under the influence of alcohol and that's why he was arrested.

17. Chace Crawford

He is not the handsome and tender boy that all the Gossip Girl fans believed. He was arrested for possession of marijuana.

18. Would you accompany him to the cell?

19. He would surely break your heart

When you discover he was arrested for official obstruction and violence.

20. This guy could be on any catwalk

But he decided that jail was better.

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