20 Men who show why long hair drives us crazy


Who likes long hair guys? To all, of course! And although recently a study has been published that ensures that men with abundant hair and beards are not well endowed, it does not matter, a beautiful face framed by a luxuriant hair is the glory.

These 20 men are living proof that long hair drives us crazy. The best? We leave your Instagram accounts for you to follow and you delight the pupil with its incomparable beauty. The truth is that with specimens like that we would not mind to last all day doing piojito.

1. A redhead of luck

Gwilym C. Pugh.

2. The perfect mix between Li Shang and Keanu Reeves

Tony Thornburg.

3. Gastón, are you?

Jeffrey S. Kendall.

4. We drool with the men in uniform

Lasse Lokken Matberg.

5. A hair worthy of Mérida de Brave

Christian Lb.

6. How to get lost in his gaze

Marcu Daniel.

7. This guy definitely knows how to impress a woman


8. A Viking in a suit is all we need


9. No doubt long hair gives them an enigmatic touch

Sergio Mayer Mori.

10. Draw me as one of your French women

William Tyler.

11. Thor came down from Valhalla to delight us

Niels Horvath.

12. A vampire more handsome than Edward Cullen

Juu Manzone.

13. The man and the hair that we all want

Robert Roethemeyer

14. Profile of the Greek god

Pedro Giannini

15. With that little face, it makes anyone fall in love

Michael Schumy

16. Long hair and tattoos the best combination of all

Philip Bottenberg.

17. A young Johnny Depp


18. They do not necessarily have to have a beard to leave us breathless

Matthew Clavane

19. With time they get better

Jack Foley

20. And in other news: the most handsome man in the world

Renan Pacheco

Oh la la!