20 make-up looks for a winter party; Shadows come in purple tones!


At the time of makeup we can to abuse of the colors and create charming styles that leave everyone with their mouths open. Those days when we are going to party is when it is worth spending hours decorating our eyelids with brightness and gradients of color that add that extra touch.

On this occasion we have created a gallery of styles in violet color, the color that comes from the mixture between red and blue. There are about 40 shades of purple or purple that range from the reddest to the most bluish, also its variations in white that give rise to lilac and lavender. This color symbolizes eternity, magic and, above all, elegance.

1. The pink parts will make your eyes look giant

2. Purple + silver = winning combination

3. A fairy forest makeup

4. Mallow tones will give you a sensual touch

5. If the party is at night, apply a lot glitter

6. Use all the shades of your shadow palette

7. A little violet to give the final touch

8. The smokey eye perfect with purple

9. The holographic effect will leave everyone with their mouths open

10. Use lavender shades to soften your look

11. A little metallic shadow will give you the special touch

12. Delineate on cat eye

13. Play with lilac and violet to highlight your look

14. Apply the brightest violet on the lower eyelid

15. Add light colors in the lacrimal area; your eyes will look bigger

16. Lilacs go great with light blue

17. Add a little gold to contrast

18. The orange combines great with the purple

19. Add a little bit of glitter

20. The colors of the northern lights

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