20 Inspiring and fun films that every woman should see in complete solitude


There are special love movies to watch with your partner, and movies of girls that only with your best friends you can enjoy more; but this time it will not be the case, this time we want to give you a list of films that will help you find yourself.

From the innocent girl you once were, to the independent woman you've become; why not miss one of these 20 movies that every woman should see at least once in solitude.

1. P.S. I love you

A woman in love has to live the terrible loss of her husband, who still alive and sick of cancer makes a card game where little by little he will manage to make his wife leave the duel and learn to love again as when he shared her with the.

2. Glorious awakening

A responsible and efficient television producer is dismissed from the job of her dreams, which is why she gets another and with the challenge of producing the worst newscast in New York, but this will only make her achieve the courage to get back to the top.

3. Brave

An inspiring story from Disney Pixar that completely changes the stereotypes of princesses and creates a powerful teaching for any girl: that she will be able to get what she wants and from the heart but only if she struggles.

4. Maybe it's forever

Rose and Alex have been friends since age 5, but they find a great confusion between friendship and love because they do not know if they could be for each other. Rosie will do everything to fight against her feelings, but they will have many events until she discovers her right path.

5. Legally blonde

A comic speech of feminine power, where a nice and beautiful woman shows that her pretty face is not all that she can have, since she achieves a successful career while still being fashionable. All a feminine inspiration!

6. The secret of Adeline

Adeline is a woman born in the 20s who suffers a car accident, and for which, and for a strange reason, never grows old again, so she has to fight against the loneliness of living eternally young, until she finds a person who may be able to share his life with her.

7. He do not like you to much

A funny comedy that will make you understand at least one failed relationship in your life, and will surely make you reflect on those little mistakes that we have all made regarding courtship and romantic dates.

8. Never more

Never more It is the story of a woman who lives hiding from her ex-husband, an abusive and punitive; so she does everything to rescue herself and her daughter, until she finds the courage to fight against him.

9. Maleficent

The story behind the story of the Sleeping Beauty and the tragic revenge of Maleficent, because in her childhood she was snatched from her wings and with them from her innocence, until she knows herself discovering the love between good and evil.

10. Joy

Joy is a young mother who fights against her economic situation and finds the opportunity of her life through an ingenious invention that will change her life.

11. Love and other addictions

Love and other addictions It is the story of a womanizer who meets the most sincere and independent woman he could have met. Thus, she ends up surrendering to the reality that both probably feel the same love; not without first overcoming your own ego to be together.

12. Coco before Chanel

The story of Coco Chanel, from her childhood until when she opens her own path in French society and manages to develop her talent with an opportunity that would change her life, and with it also the history of fashion in France.

13. Eat Pray and Love

A great film based on the book Eat Pray and Love, which opens another field of possible happy endings when the divorce of a woman has left her disappointed, but decides to give a complete turn to her life by learning to know each other.

14. The diaryof Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones It is a film about a woman who is lost in life and creates new enthusiastic intentions but that she will not be able to fulfill because she is divided between the man who could be too good to be true and the man who is possibly the right one.

15. Juno

Juno is a young teenager who collides with reality when she discovers that she is pregnant, so she manages to get ahead through her good humor and the support of her parents, finding in herself the sufficient maturity to take charge of her life.

16. Julie & Julia

It is the story of a kitchen legend, Julia Child, a famous cook who for reasons of destiny is with a young girl named Julie, who seeks to change her life with a cooking project that will make both women succeed in overcoming their fears.

17. Frida

The inspiring story of the Mexican artist who managed to break the feminine standards of her time and also shows the complex story of love and lack of love she had with her husband and painter Diego Rivera.

18. The Devil Wears Prada

A film that he experiences with two passionate women in his career and how the danger of success makes his love life go down completely. So if you need to balance your career and your love life, get inspired by The Devil Wears Prada.

19. Pride and prejudice

Pride and prejudice It is the story of the Benet sisters, who live in a normal way the social and family pressure in the face of the need to find a good match that dispossesses them, but in the end the problem of social classes stands between true love.

20. Always Alice

A moving story about a 45-year-old woman who faces an unexpected reality when she discovers that she has premature Alzheimer's, so she struggles to keep in touch with everything she knows, but most of all learns to enjoy and live the moment doing what more loves

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