20 Incredible looks that include a handkerchief and that you should wear before all the others


Undoubtedly the accessories can give a special and different touch to our whole look, the key is to use one that is really attractive and sophisticated so you can call attention to yourself.

A very clear example of an elegant accessory are handkerchiefs, which fortunately that 2016 have appeared again in the world of fashion, the big brands such as Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Saint Laurent and a series of style bloggers have marked them as the new trend for this year. So if you ever feel bored to get dressed, here is the solution. These are 20 looks with handkerchiefs that you should wear before the others. You will love it!

1. The traditional way of wearing a scarf will give you a flirtatious touch

2. It is what you need to complement your outfit

3. Use it as a tie will give you a touch of sensuality

4. You can even use it as a nice bracelet

5. Make a few knots and let it fall sensually on your chest

6. The paliacates will make you look totally chic

7. Handkerchiefs will give you a totally urban style

8. You can make your bags more beautiful with a simple handkerchief

9. Focus all the attention with a simple accessory

10. The most beautiful way to wear them is in the hair

11. Yes, you can also use it for your outfit of office

12. You can use a outfi in blue and highlight your look with a handkerchief a darker shade

13. Without doubt this is the most elegant way to wear a scarf

14. You can use it to get the pin-up what are you wearing inside

15. Using colorful scarves will give you all the freshness you need

16. A simple handkerchief can make all the difference

17. The best way to use it is like a choker

18. Tying it with a simple knot will make you look elegant and simple

19. It can help you highlight your rock girl style

20. You definitely need a handkerchief for your outfits