20 Incredible inventions that will solve the life of every FUTURA mom


Becoming a mother since pregnancy is not easy at all. Once the children arrive, we will have many tasks, and not always enough help.

To inspire you (or breathe a little), we show you these inventions that surprise us for their creativity and ingenuity. Imagine some of them.

1. Portable ultrasound

It is connected by means of a USB cable to your cell phone, so you can know how your baby is in the womb.

2. Double hearing aids

Special for your baby and you to listen to music at the same time. It has been proven that this stimulates the child's senses.

3. Special belt for the car

You and your baby will be more protected in the event of an accident.

4. Cradle that you can stick to the bed

You can have your baby nearby, right next to you.

5. Monitoring camera

It will help you monitor your baby 24 hours from your smartphone or tablet.

6. Pacifier with thermometer

7. Mamila with self-adhesive strap

If the bottle falls, it will not touch the floor and prevent it from getting dirty.

8. Separator for the bath tub

If you have a bath tub, the separator will be very useful: it will help you not to waste water and to have a smaller area to avoid accidents.

9. Baby bottle with hidden medicine dispenser

It will help you to make it easier for you to take your medicine.

10. Pacifier for molars

The soft plastic of the pacifier will help to massage the gums, and will calm the annoying pains due to the budding of your new teeth.

11. Pacifier that closes automatically to avoid getting dirty

12. Nipple for screwing in plastic bottles

13. Spoons that measure the temperature of food

If the spoon turns white, it means that the food is very hot

14. Spoon dispensing of porridge

15. Kangaroo with sweatshirt

This kangaroo practice includes a sweatshirt with which both can stay well covered.

16. Carriola-bicicleta

Excellent for both to enjoy a pleasant walk.

17. Remote control

This remote control allows you to program 7 children's channels on your television. Your little ones may have a little independence and decide what they want to see.

18. Bath tub that regulates the temperature

This way you will not have to worry about the water being too hot when bathing your baby.

19. Suitcase that becomes chair

Practical suitcase in which in addition to keeping everything your baby needs, you can also sit down.

20. Bottle holder

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