20 Incredible covers that your cell phone should have; They are super original!


The cell phone is an essential item, so we are concerned about protecting it and what better if it can look amazing with a case that also shows something of our personality or our tastes.

That's why we show you the most original covers of this season, you can find them on the net and there are them for all tastes and styles. The themes are very varied: movies, illustration, food, animals, etc.

1. Movable eyes

2. Duck with legs

3. Cactus

4. Letter of Hogwarts

5. Embroidered

6. Anti stress pills

7. For fans of Star Wars: R2D2

8. Cherry pompoms

9. Baby bottle

10. Bottle of poison

11. Unicorn

12. Tarot cards

13. Pink car

14. Case of shadows

15. Prints with brightness

16. Marble pattern

17. Leather with an engraved handmade

18. Watercolors case

19. Naughty cat

20. For bacon lovers