20 images with which any GIRL is AUTOMATICALLY identified


Every woman knows that we can live situations that are really annoying, like not finding the right clothes or that our nails are ruined when we finish painting them. Many others are only typically female.

Here we show you 20 images with which you may feel completely identified:

1. The way you open your mouth when you apply mascara

2. Before buying a labial tests the tone in your hand

You feel the need to do it, and if you do, you make sure no one sees you.

3. When you take off your glasses and get tangled in your hair

4. A rod out: Noooo!

5. Or that the lace of that nice bikini breaks

It's supposed to make you feel sexy, not poor!

6. This is you every morning

Okay, I have nothing to wear

7. So you leave the bathroom after you get ready to leave

8. When you iron your hair and then it rains

9. If your hair band breaks, you know how to improvise

10. These pins disappear without a trace

There is a black hole that swallows them, there is no other explanation.

11. It is sad when your compact powder or blush falls and breaks into pieces along with your heart

12. Unless you are an expert, this is true:

(If you are left handed, the situation reverses)

13. That this always happens because you like to use lipstick and drink coffee equally

14. When you go to the super:

a) Making purchases without hunger

b) Making purchases with hunger

15. You cross your leg and these marks appear:

16. If you forget to remove your mascara, when you leave the shower you have a new look dark

17. Although we already know that if we cry, even if it is waterproof, it is worse:

18. If you go to try on clothes, it's inevitable you do not take photos

19. You have an impressive amount of black leggings

20. When a photo does not turn out as we want

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