20 Heavy sweethearts and spouses that make sure they never have a boring relationship


Being in a relationship is simple when the couple has complicity and lots of humor from time to time. Of course, there are also some men who choose to take their partners to a romantic dinner once in a while and others send flowers no matter what the date. But there are also guys who are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a fun relationship.

Leave funny messages in the washing machine or make a haircut out of series to the cat is what they enjoy doing to make life as a couple more healthy and entertaining, because after all nothing says better I love you than a good joke, right? ? That's why these 20 fun boyfriends and husbands made sure their relationship was never boring.

1. Gifts are not your strong

I bought this ring from my wife for Christmas, she did not like it very much.

2. Literal is his middle name

My girlfriend wanted a fluffy cake, I do not know where the problem is.

3. This happens when you do not know the difference between tuna and cat food

I asked my husband to pack my lunch and surprise me. This will taste delicious with coffee.

4. A man in love makes sure that his partner is always well

I had a minor surgery today. My husband did not want me to have any complications, so he wrote instructions about my arms and legs.

5. A gift, the uglier is more mysterious

I bought a necklace for my wife for Christmas. When I asked if they would wrap it around me, I said yes, but that it was as ugly as possible. The employee wrapped it in tape.

6. This is a great demonstration of love

I asked my husband to paint a painting in which we went out together.

7. If it comes to please us, they know how to do it

They stole my watch from Manzana and my boyfriend bought me this to replace him.

8. It is the definition of #relationshipsgoals

My boyfriend finds it fun to guess what I'm going to wear when I go out with him and go play with me.

9. Man who respects himself, takes his girlfriend with him, even if he has to dress her

My brother said his girlfriend could not come to the Halloween party, so he came for the two.

10. If they want to fight a little, they know how to do it

I just wanted to fight a little with my wife.

11. Flour is better than flowers to apologize

Yesterday I had an argument with my boyfriend. He sent me bags of flour to the office to apologize.

12. Never dare to challenge them, they can easily win

I told my husband that I would only wear those clothes if he put them on first. He sent me this picture saying checkmate.

13. Creativity is not your best gift

This happened when my wife told me to decorate the baby's room.

14. Jabba the Hutt is sexy, or so you think

My boyfriend wanted to give me a very sexy surprise today.

15. When it comes to looking for something worse, they are experts

My girlfriend told me that I would stop bothering about my crocs if I found an even uglier footwear.

16. Loneliness can make them more creative

My wife is traveling and I get so bored that I have prepared a formal dinner with the cats.

17. The intention is what counts, right?

I could not buy a new car for my wife for Christmas, so I bought a giant tie and put it in the car.

18. Your definition of seriousness can be very different

I got married last week and my wife wanted me to take serious photos with the sponsors.

19. They can always compare you in a funny way

I thought I looked very pretty, until my boyfriend showed me this.

20. Never let him take the cat to the hairdresser

My boyfriend offered to take the cat to the hairdresser, this is what happened.

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