20 Heavy jokes that only your brother would dare to do


Growing up with brothers has its pros and cons: you have life-long partners who support you in difficult times and who proudly applaud your achievements, but they are also the people with whom fights become epic and become victims or executioners of jokes that not everyone could handle.

Over time, the highs, lows and occurrences will be good anecdotes to share with the family. But, meanwhile, there are 20 examples of jokes that only between brothers can be made

1. Hair in the bathroom

My brother is disgusted to find my hair in the bathroom.

2. Selfie sabotaged

Thank you brother for being in my selfie, my profile picture did not look as good as it does now.

3. Brand new toothbrush

My brother retaliated his anger with me, cutting the bristles from my toothbrush.

4. Cellular hacked

Lesson 1: change the password of my cell phone.
Lesson 2: leave it out of my brother's reach.

5. Knowing the family

Our sister will introduce us to her boyfriend, he has been with him for 3 months, we arrange for the occasion.

6. Free time

My brother had plenty of time while we were away from home.

7. Caring for the puppy

I asked my brother to take care of my puppy while he was at school.

8. Will they have a guarantee?

My brother asked for some tennis online, they have arrived and I am showing him his versatility.

9. Protected

We thought it would be practical for our sister to be protected from anything.

10. To try dinner

I had to work for the Thanksgiving dinner and I asked my brother to keep a little of everything.

11. Christmas gift

The Christmas gift my sister gave me: a sock knitted by her.

12. Welcome to the service

My wife just graduated from the police academy and her brother sent her a gift.

13. Goodbye, hope

I replaced my sister's picture that said Hope (hope) by one with the word PooP (poop) still does not realize.

14. New member of the family

I exchanged a picture of my sister with one of Vladimir Putin before my family arrived at Christmas. They have not noticed yet.

15. Do we play?

Let the Third World War begin. Let's play a game? .

16. My brother came for me

Welcome home After the rehabilitation.

17. The mouse it doesn'' T work

I spent a good time trying to make it work.

18. Christmas spirit

We will all receive Christmas gifts, you just have to look for them in the refrigerator.

19. Moving

My brother came to help me with the move, I told him that everything had to be wrapped and he took it to the letter.

20. Watermelon Light

My brother left me a piece of watermelon. How generous! .

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