20 Great ideas to take advantage of SPACE in rooms SMALL


Saving space in a small room no longer has to be a problem, if you distribute your furniture in an adequate way in the available space, you will have more comfort, it will be more comforting and you will not want to leave.

1. Save space with minimalist details

2. Small space designed for the living room, dining room and bed together

3. Natural lighting in a room creates more space

4. Create a reading room under the stairs

5. The bedroom above the kitchen

6. Mobile bed that also becomes a beautiful room

7. Create a desk under the bunk

8. The bed can be stored in the closet to leave the free space

9. Playground that is under the bed

10. Condition a bed in the office to have a moment of rest

11. Upstairs bedroom, kitchen, work area and closet below

12. Bed with desk

13. Rotary bookcase with a large storage space

14. Avant-garde design of the typical bunk beds

15. Mobile bed for two people

16. Because creating a closet under the bed was never so easy

17. A room to enjoy a relaxing reading

18. Functional bedroom

19. Raise the bed and place it on the living room

20. Bed in a minimum space

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